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Grown Brilliance Reviews – Is It Worth Your Money?

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About Grown Brilliance

An appropriate call needs to let you know the whole lot you want to realize about a corporation; that is precisely why I’m keen on Grown Brilliance

Their diamonds are lab-grown, which means they’re conflict-unfastened, ethically sourced, and more low-cost while also searching out of the ordinary. Not simplest is this practice better for the environment, but it’s extra sensible for the client.

The younger corporation hasn’t been around for lengthy, but they’ve tested themselves to be a shining example of the diamond business. They donate proceeds from all their purchases to international movements looking to increase the environment, education, and ladies’ wishes. Plus, they have extra than 15k Instagram fans in addition.

This Grown Brilliance assessment will preview their rings, let you recognize what clients consider them, summarize their costs, and more. I can’t get to that without first telling you their highlights, so allow’s start there:


  • Lab-grown diamonds
  • Much extra low-priced than mined diamonds
  • Made-to-order items to be had
  • Plenty of customization options for the jewellery
  • Free shipping on all orders
  • Financing payment plans presented via affirm 
  • Grown Brilliance coupons available for VIP members
  • 45-day go-back coverage

Why You Should Trust Us

Our assignment will help you make higher, extra-informed buy choices. 

Our group spends hours getting to know, consulting with medical examiners, amassing insight from professional specialists, reviewing consumer feedback, and reading merchandise to provide you with the information you need.

Grown Brilliance Engagement Rings Review

I don’t recognize approximately you, but if I’m getting engaged, I’d need to hold the moon around on my finger. While the engagement jewellery on this Grown Brilliance assessment isn’t that performative, they are great representations of the undying affection you can deliver to your fiancee. 

Grown Brilliance 1 1/four ctw Oval Lab Grown Diamond Double Shank Halo Engagement Ring Review

The Grown Brilliance 1 1/4 ctw Oval Lab Grown Diamond Double Shank Halo Engagement Ring is a beautiful white gold ring. It’s an expensive piece as its most important diamond is augmented using smaller diamonds across the aspect of the ring. 

You can grasp it in its authentic generation for $1,850.

Grown Brilliance 6 ctw Emerald Lab Grown Diamond Three Stone Ring Review

This ring looks like you’re blessing your finger with its crown. The three strong stones amount to a hefty 6-carat weight, so there’s no way you can not brag approximately it. 

Grown Brilliance Wedding Bands Review

These Grown Brilliance wedding ceremony bands positioned into view the variations among them and engagement earrings. They’re extra reserved, much less flashy, and undying. Essentially, the bands in this Grown Brilliance review constitute the precise marriage.  

Grown Brilliance 2 ctw Emerald Lab Grown Diamond Eternity Band Review

Who says fundamental needs to be uninteresting? The Grown Brilliance 2 ctw Emerald Lab Grown Diamond Eternity Band is an awesome ring that uses light to its advantage. The band and stones allow light to bounce between them and deliver a greater opulent appearance. 

You can seize this band in 14k yellow gold for $1,690.

Customers say: “Surprised by using how shiny the diamonds have been! I am surely captivated by this ring I simply bought! The ring is bitterly on my finger and offers maximum radiant shine. Shipping became fast, and the hoop turned into real length. Very thrilled with the acquisition :).”

Grown Brilliance 2 ctw Oval Lab Grown Diamond Eternity Band Review

This wedding band’s oval diamonds help it align with your fingers. Their rounded edges and contours imply you could put on this ring a chunk extra casually. However, “informal” is a comparable period because you’re flaunting 2 carats worth of diamonds in your palms.

Customers say: This is the real deal. More splendid, glowing, and frankly—appropriate than I could have imagined.”

Grown Brilliance Fine Jewelry Review

The closing product category I’ll cowl in my Grown Brilliance assessment is their diverse ring portions. As we all recognize, why restrict yourself to a diamond for your finger when you have a wrist, a neck, and two ears that could use a little love?

Grown Brilliance 1 ctw Round Lab Grown Diamond Four Prong Tennis Bracelet – eight Inches Review

This fetching Grown Brilliance tennis bracelet boats one-carat diamonds in a narrow style. It’s a diffused accessory. However, Satan is inside the details, so you can invite others to inspect the 86 diamonds wrapped around your wrist.

Customers say: What a high-quality bracelet. My girlfriend and I have been very impressed with the first-rate bracelet. I had by no means sold lab-grown earlier, but I changed into not permit down. I would noticeably advise this to others!

Grown Brilliance three ctw Round Lab Grown Diamond Inside Out Hoop Earrings Review

These days, anyone has hoop earrings. But what number of humans own hoops with three carats of lab-grown, near-colourless diamonds? 

If you pick up the Grown Brilliance 3 ctw Round Lab Grown Diamond Inside Out Hoop Earrings, you could be some of the few.  

These rings are valued at $2,485.

Customers say: Exactly what I changed into looking for. Beautiful! Comfortable. No steady pinch clasp.

Who Is Grown Brilliance For? 

The gadgets on this Grown Brilliance evaluation are for those who love diamonds but don’t love the messy conflicts which might be often attached to them. 

Grown Brilliance Reviews - Is It Worth Your Money?

Grown Brilliance Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

I need to give you an idea of the reception Grown Brilliance earned from their customers. To do so, I will present with you some common ratings that customers awarded on Grown Brilliance’s internet site: 

  • Grown Brilliance three ctw Round Lab Grown Diamond Inside Out Hoop Earrings: 5/5 stars based on 15 ratings
  • Grown Brilliance 2 ctw Emerald Lab Grown Diamond Eternity Band: five/five stars based totally on extra than ten ratings 
  • Grown Brilliance 1 ctw Round Lab Grown Diamond Four Prong Tennis Bracelet – 8 Inches: four.7/five stars based totally on greater than 20 ratings

Most Grown Brilliance opinions from clients praised the carrier. Buyers said the rings were regarded as magnificent, particularly for their fee points. They also liked how they could buy large diamonds for the charge point because the stones were lab-grown.

An assessment from a consumer on Reddit explains this. “They deliver change excellently fast, and they have terrific customer support. From my know-how, their stones and I wager all lab-grown stones are identical to mined diamonds but created in a lab, so you get more in your money.”

One Grown Brilliance overview from a patron on Amazon touted the diamonds as a phenomenal and sustainable replacement for obviously occurring diamonds. That client wrote, “Nicely designed. A great alternative to obviously grown diamonds.”

The handiest negatives I read in consumer Grown Brilliance evaluations were that the packaging left something to be preferred. Some shoppers anticipated elegant packing containers and certificates, however, Grown Brilliance did little to spruce up the shipping. This becomes, on the whole, the case on the Grown Brilliance BBB page.

That being stated, no person complained approximately the high quality of the diamonds. Most custom testimonials examine as definitely as this one:

I took a plunge and acquired from them. I got my 2-carat wedding ceremony band, and it did test as diamonds with the tester I even have. The ring is completed well for a band, so no court cases from me.

Is Grown Brilliance Legit?

Some Grown Brilliance opinions from customers said the brand’s verbal exchange wasn’t as clean as it must’ve been. They said the organisation didn’t always reply to customer queries. 

However, maximum customers experienced easy to transport, so there has been little to complain approximately. 

Is Grown Brilliance Worth It?

Lab-grown diamonds maintain many advantages over naturally occurring diamonds, each for the patron and the manufacturer. They’re simpler to source, are not involved in any struggle, and may be purchased for cheaper prices. 

Combine the factors with the high quality on show in Grown Brilliance’s products, and I think the agency is worth checking out

How To Choose The Best Engagement Ring 

Here’s a concept – ask your associate. They recognise what they need! However, if they play coy, then here’s what you must preserve in mind:

  1. Think about the size of the diamond you’re searching out. Like Goldie Locks, you need them to be simply proper, however “simply right” is distinctive for everybody.
  2. Consider the carats. It’s simplest to consider this primary because it’ll guide your buying more than contemplating shape and readability first.
  3. Think beforehand about how the engagement ring will look with the marriage band

How To Choose The Best Fine Jewelry 

Now, in case you’ve read this Grown Brilliance overview looking for what they offer with satisfactory rings, then ask yourself those questions before making your first purchase:

  • What metal do you want the maximum? Are you a rose gold woman or does sterling silver set your coronary heart ablaze?
  • What’s your price range? While you can need as many diamonds as possible, understanding how tons you’re inclined to pay will help you pick out the first-class rings.
  • Can you get the piece licensed? You must ensure the diamonds you’re wearing are actual, despite everything.

Grown Brilliance Promotions & Discounts 

I’m glad to consist of a few promotions in my Grown Brilliance overview. You can store up to $100 in your first buy over $1,000 via signing up for Grown Brilliance’s VIP SMS newsletter. 

Where To Buy Grown Brilliance

You can purchase from Grown Brilliance’s website, grownbrilliance.Com.


Who owns Grown Brilliance?

Grown Brilliance Canada and all other Grown Brilliance labels are owned with the aid of AJS Creations LLC.

Does Grown Brilliance provide mined diamonds or the most effective lab-grown diamonds?

All the diamonds Grown Brilliance sells via their internet site are ethically-sourced and lab-grown

What do HPHT and CVD mean in lab-grown diamonds?

HPHT (excessive-pressure high temperature) and CVD (chemical vapour disposition) check with strategies used to create diamonds. These methods are complex and you can examine them intensively on Grown Brilliance’s internet site. 

What metal types does Grown Brilliance offer?

You can select both 14k gold or platinum for your Grown Brilliance jewellery. 

What agencies does Grown Brilliance help?

Grown Brilliance sends some of its proceeds to SRMD Love and Care USA (SRLC USA), a worldwide initiative in environmental maintenance, training, and helping ladies.

Where does Grown Brilliance deliver to?

Currently, Grown Brilliance simplest ships to places inside the United States and Canada

What is Grown Brilliance’s Shipping Policy?

Made-to-order objects take two weeks to create. After that, they’re shipped the same way as in-stock items. They ship using FedEx 2d-day without charging clients

What is Grown Brilliance’s Returns Policy?

The Grown Brilliance go-back coverage applies to the first forty-five days after the acquisition. During that point, you can return any item to get a complete refund. 

How To Contact Grown Brilliance

I’ll wrap up my Grown Brilliance evaluation with the brand’s touch facts. You can call them at 877-476-9627 or fill out a customer service shape on their internet site. 

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