You are currently viewing V Shred Reviews – Is It Legit or a Scam? Worth Your Money?

V Shred Reviews – Is It Legit or a Scam? Worth Your Money?

V Shred Reviews – Is It Legit or a Scam?

About V Shred

V Shred is an online health app and supplement brand for men and women. They’ve been making waves and featured in wonderful media retailers like NBCInsiderLivestrongMen’s VarietyBusiness Insider, Los Angeles Times, and more.

On social media, the brand has an, without a doubt, ripped following of 8m on Facebook, 1m on Instagram, and 2m subscribers on YouTube.

This V Shred evaluation will show you what the logo is all about as we cowl the subscription plan, app, dietary supplements, FAQs, customer evaluations, and more.

Overview of V Shred

The face of V Shred is Vince Sant. Yes, an interesting name; however also a mega-ripped social media viral megastar recognized with the aid of many as “the V Shred guy.” 

In 2015, Vince and three different co-founders, Nick Daniel, Roger Crandall, and Kevin Pearn, set out to construct solutions for folks with little money and time to spend on their fitness.

V Shred Reviews - Is It Legit or a Scam? Worth Your Money?

The organization began in its Las Vegas headquarters with simply $1,000 and, as of 2020, has grown to an employer valued at over $200,000,000.

Only a few data are available about the enterprise and its origins. However, we do realize this: V Shred is an entire movement. 

They provide custom diet and fitness programs for males and females alike, supplements to aid weight loss, an app for workout routines, and a month-to-month club we’ll explore shortly.

We’ll provide you with all the itty-bitty information on this V Shred evaluation; however, first, let’s establish the logo’s normal pros and cons: 


  • Offers customized plans for frame kind, gender, age, and hobby level
  • BBB-Accredited
  • Positive opinions about powerful workout routines and weight loss plan plans
  • Membership community aid
  • 30-day money-again guarantee 


  • Poor customer support when it comes to hidden expenses, refusing refunds, and ignoring client touch
  • V Shred supplements aren’t sold internationally
  • A loss of data and transparency about the emblem, its products, and prices 

What Is VShred?

V Shred is a revolutionary health application that receives your actual consequences in a quick quantity of time. Combining” minimum effective” dose workout routines with non-restrictive eating regimen plans and global-class training, V Shred has helped 687,269 people remodel their bodies.

In this VShred assessment, I’ll stroll you through how their applications paint, what plans are to be had, and perhaps most importantly, the amazing results heaps have seen while on them.

How Does V Shred Work?

So, first of all, permit me to get this out the manner so I can get this V Shred review began: the logo sells multiple exceptional merchandise and packages, together with supplements, health packages, an app, and even garments. 

V Shred Reviews - Is It Legit or a Scam? Worth Your Money?

But I’ll talk about one key part of the fitness brand and movement: V Shred University, the month-to-month club that charges $1 on your first month. I’ll walk you thru the whole thing you need to realize approximately right here, including the signup method.

When you sign on for the club, you’ll complete a V Shred frame kind of quiz that determines what class you fall into and, in the long run, which plans you’ll be despatched each month in your body type. 

V Shred Reviews - Is It Legit or a Scam? Worth Your Money?

That’s right, each month, you pay $20 to get hold of a new weight loss program and education plan that continues your fitness and vitamins interesting and heading in the right direction. 

To begin, head to VShred.Com and take the Body Type Quiz. Select your gender and age range, after which you reach your peak.

These are all fundamental inquiries to help the parents, and VShred determines your nutrition and workout plans.

Next, you’ll let them realize in case you are lightly, moderately, or quite energetic, after which choose the frame description you experience great applies to you. 

Based on your selection, you’ll be caused to watch a video in which Vince Sant, a great-selling health creator, superstar trainer, and the author of V Shred, walks you thru three secrets to weight loss that you may start nowadays. 

This video became lengthy, and it took some time for Vince to get to the secrets and techniques. However, he ultimately gets there and explains the technological know-how behind his recommendations, so it’s worth the watch.

The quality component? These guidelines are free; you may use them even if you don’t pick to join V Shred.

At the cease of the video, Vince recommends a plan based totally on your gender and body kind and walks you thru what’s involved. He speaks some painful truths about health and diets, and to be sincere, even though the video becomes a little lengthy, I discovered it very informative. 

Once the video is over, you can scroll down and think about your cutting-edge macro guidelines, a breakdown of what’s protected in your software, and the freebies V Shred gives you for signing up nowadays. 

Click the huge orange button with your application’s price, and also you’ll then input your touch and fee records and get entry to a unique provider. 

Now, this offer entails looking at any other video. However, once you verify your fee info, you can proceed with your recommended program. If you observe the video and upload it on additional products, that’s as much as you.

Once you’re signed up, you’ll get the right to enter the V Shred member community, where Vince, the V Shred man himself, answers questions weekly in his Couch Talk. 

And you gained’t be on the journey by yourself, either, because you can join the members-best cool cat club on Facebook in which you and those in the identical boat may guide, encourage, and root for each different each step of the way.

In the next phase of our V Shred assessment, I’ll be problematic on the bestselling fitness plans and supplements supplied with the aid of the logo.

V Shred Programs Review 

V Shred Programs

Our V Shred assessment found that the logo gives many fitness plans for several different human beings with special dreams and frame kinds. Take the V Shred quiz to be matched up with the program nice applicable to you. 

Here are some of the highlights:

  • Ripped in ninety Days
  • Fat Loss Extreme
  • Custom Diet and Training Plan
  • Toned in 90 Days
  • Six-Pack Shred

In each of those plans, there may be a specific endgame. Some of them are obvious, like, getting ripped in ninety days. 

But in all of these applications, you acquire certain instructions and steering, which can be designed to keep you on target even if you struggle to stay devoted to fitness.

The programs range in periods: eight weeks, 12 weeks, or 90 days. The plans offer meal plan steering, exercise motion pictures that you may entire from everywhere via the app, and nutrient records and supplements.  

With the Custom Diet and Training Plan, you’ll receive basic personal education online and an 8-week plan they devise just for you.

V Shred Burn Evolved Review 

V Shred Burn Evolved

Burn Evolved is a fat-burning capsule supplement you are taking 2 of every day. It allows you to shed pounds with cayenne pepper fruit extract, grains of paradise seed extract, caffeine, EGCG, and yohimbine[1]. 

This formulation collectively creates a bestselling V Shred burn supplement that will increase strength levels and metabolism[2], suppresses appetite, and encourages your frame to burn extra faster.

One bottle is frequently priced at $67 however is on sale now for $ forty-one. If you aren’t satisfied after carrying out your private Burn Evolved + your frame experiment, you could request reimbursement via their money-again guarantee.

The logo also has dietary supplements specially designed for guys, like the V Shred Test Boost Max to grow testosterone.

What is the V Shred weight loss program? 

Our V Shred assessment found that there may be nobody “V Shred weight-reduction plan” because the applications are meant to consist of various people with one-of-a-kind goals.

Studies[3] show that Weight management depends upon complicated elements, the quantity of food eaten, the kind of meals eaten, and the timing of food.

To get tailor-made packages, take the V Shred quiz to discover which body kind class you belong to. Depending on this, your weight-reduction plan may additionally, as an instance, consist of V Shred carb biking, one of the food regimen techniques that the brand, in reality, swears by.

You can also purchase a Custom Diet and Training Plan for a private revel with actual coaching.

Is the V Shred app unfastened? 

Technically, sure. The V Shred app is free to download. You get five days free for any 90-day software. But after that, you’ll start paying for brand-new content. Prices range depending on the software and club you choose.

Who is V Shred for? 

According to the V Shred frame kind quiz, the packages are for almost every person: male or woman, for your teenagers to 60s, weighing up to four hundred lbs, with light-to-heavy activity degrees.

Comparison: V Shred vs. Openfit 

For this V Shred assessment, we did our studies. But allow’s amplify that research to make a practical assessment between competing manufacturers. Openfit is a comparable health and nutrients brand with an app, but let’s wreck down what makes each logo special.

Firstly, three similarities:

  1. Offers a Fitness app with exercise films and meal plans
  2. Operates as a Subscription service 
  3. Supplements available

But right here are three key variations that set the manufacturers apart:

  1. Openfit has an extra type of workout routine available on the app
  2. Openfit has live lessons taught by actual trainers
  3. Openfit subscriptions are three, 6, or three hundred and sixty-five days, no longer a monthly gig

For extra info on Openfit, look at our logo evaluation—it’s already prepared and available only for you. 

How Much is V Shred?

The costs will range depending on what you’re after from V Shred’s choice of health products and services, so permit’s communicate numbers. 

First, the membership:

  • V Shred University club: $20 in step with month, charged month-to-month
  • First month: $1 most effective to strive it out

Other products and plans that could pique your interest and pockets:

  • Burn Evolved supplement: $41 on sale now, ordinary charge $ sixty-seven
  • Ripped in 90 Days: $47 on sale now, regular fee $100 
  • Custom Diet and Training Plan: $149 on sale now, everyday rate $225

V Shred Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

For our V Shred review to truly do you, curious reader, justice, we’ve got to reveal your consumer evaluations. This is where the real juicy stuff is. 

And for the reason that the brand website and social media exhibit only high-quality testimonials and the most excellent frame changes, we consulted the Better Business Bureau (BBB), the Apple App Store, and TrustPilot to get the real scoop. 

On the brand’s social media, there are many sparkling testimonials from clients who find their bodies “continuously changing for the higher” with the Ripped in 90 Days software. 

In the Fat Loss Extreme Program evaluations at the emblem’s site, one person posted the following on the side of an earlier than and after photo:

Totally out of my consolation sector, but this software works. This is four weeks, no exercise because of a knee injury…I did buy the custom weight-reduction plan and stuck with it 100%. I have lots more to lose however could not be happier with my progress.

There are also testimonials from customers who joined the V Shred membership and became their fitspo at the same time as supported via the personal members-only Facebook organization:

From 330 to 199!! I just left the 200lb membership and couldn’t be more pleased with myself. This organization and program have modified my lifestyle!

But glaringly, simply searching on the client critiques and stunning before-and-after pics promoted by way of the emblem themselves isn’t going to be an accurate, impartial evaluation of the programs and membership. So, with that, we went fact-digging somewhere else.

Our V Shred assessment discovered that the logo is BBB-Accredited with an A- scoreThe 99 patron opinions supply V Shred a 2.2/five stars rating.

Many of the BBB court cases echo the same enjoyment of purchasing the fitness application without the elective meal application but finding that they had been charged for the meal application besides

One purchaser said they tried calling customer support “without success” and that the employer’s “selling practices are very misleading.” 

Because this similar experience became so common within the BBB court cases, it’s clear that there are troubles with the enterprise’s charging and checkout structures, ensuing in a few very angry customers who were charged for matters they, in particular, indicated that they did no longer want.

Likewise, this consumer pronounced that they, by chance, bought the weight loss plan program, requested for money back right now, and had nevertheless not obtained one three weeks later:

This enterprise is a scam and, without a doubt, simply wants to cheat unsuspecting human beings in their money. I could by no means advise doing business with those humans.”

On the bright side, 139 court cases out of 384 have been resolved using the business enterprise. V Shred has tested to be aware of patron complaints and willing to compromise and assist clients with refunds. 

Still, BBB is a public discussion board for coping with consumer court cases, so who’s to mention if customer support could increase the same kindness if these exchanges took place in private emails?

On the Apple App Store, the V Shred app has a 4.6/five stars rating. Negative opinions have been very similar to the BBB complaints, with a gaggle of humans by accident buying greater than they desired to, demonstrating the logo’s terrible conversation of fees. 

These sad customers have been dissatisfied and felt the corporation was a “scam” spreading fake records and promises.

Still, heaps of happy clients praised the workout movies for being challenging but a laugh and motivating. This V Shred review of the app sums up the easy-to-observe, special software and the value of their buy:

Great workout routines and each day plan for three months. Meal plans and the special day-after-day routine. Amazing product for a terrific price. I suppose you get greater bang for your buck in comparison to different packages accessible.”

Lastly, on TrustPilot, the brand has three—1/5 stars from 1509 ratings. The correct information is that most purchaser evaluations have been fine—in truth, 55% of the written consumer evaluations have been 5-superstar scores. 

Customers are concerned about the packages, apps, clubs, and customer service.

Fitness fans attested that the logo gives “very activate” replies to refund requests, correct customized plans for men or women humans, and the simplest workouts and eating regimen plans for quick and lengthy-lasting results

Despite the negative critiques about customer support refusing refunds, “deceptive” and “scamming” customers, the 5-celebrity Trustpilot reviewers are ecstatic and reporting very type, thoughtful service:

I am so pleased with the great customer support! I had signed up and needed to cancel because I had misplaced my job the next day. They immediately refunded all my cash even though they had given me a non-refundable custom-designed weight-reduction plan software!!

To summarize the professionals and cons that customers listed, the positives had been practical consequences, interesting exercises and eating regimen plans, correct custom-designed plans, and sort customer service. 

The negatives have been quite the alternative, normally about unresponsive customer support and poor conversation about costs. 

With many of these mixed opinions, you’d strive out V Shred yourself to make a real judgment, considering that stories vary from individual to individual and frame to body. 

For a low-stakes trial run, you can pay $1 for one month of the V Shred membership so that even if you hate it, you best hate $1 worth of paid-for content.

Is VShred Legit?

V Shred may be very authentic. Nearly 700,000 people have visible success with its programs. The main difficulty clients have with this corporation is the (now and again aggressive) advertising and marketing, but it does certainly deliver nutrition, exercises, and coaching as promised.

Is V Shred Worth It?

After all of this information, has our V Shred evaluation determined whether the brand is worth it? The survey says: sure. Well, yes, to attempt it, at the least. 

Since your first program is backed with a 30-day money-back guarantee, if you don’t like what you discover, cancel anytime and don’t appear lower back.

Because of the patron evaluations about paying a couple of instances, we alert you to pay close, close, near attention to the checkout procedure because so many humans had accidentally purchased a weight loss plan when they didn’t mean to. Then they’d hassle getting their precious pennies lower back. 

So is VShred worth it? With all that thoughts, it’s clear that many satisfied customers have actual skilled effects through the brand’s merchandise and programs. Happy health-ing!

V Shred Promotions & Discounts 

These are the best deals our V Shred evaluation determined on their internet site: 

  • Try out one month of the V Shred membership for the most effective $1 
  • Sign up on the app and get five days loose from a ninety-day software of your deciding on
  • All supplements and applications are on sale now

V Shred often has flash sales, so watch out for the candy money-saving deals! Follow the logo on Instagram or Facebook for the most up-to-date info, and in no way, omit the risk of getting an outstanding fee.


Does VShred Work?

You’ve neared the end of the V Shred assessment, and with the aid of now, I desire you’ve got better information about what the emblem’s packages are all about. You’ve seen many before and after photographs and heard from actual customers, and the query of whether or no longer V Shred works would be lingering on your mind.

If it is, V Shred has some pretty great numbers, and at the least, they’re a terrific signal that the brand is direct to something. Having watched some videos myself, I trust that the records V Shred dishes out are beneficial—especially if the science in the back of diet and health is foreign to you.

To place it without a doubt, I accept that V Shred works as true—although it’s simply through encouraging you to forestall restrictive ingesting behavior or research HIIT. In a few capacities, the chances are high that you may be aware of exchange even on these programs.

How do I cancel my V Shred subscription?

The unlucky element approximately V Shred is that for a variety of our most burning FAQs—like, say, how do you cancel a subscription—the logo isn’t very approaching.

We want to offer you a neat numbered list of how to pass approximately canceling your subscription, but all the brand can say is to electronic mail [email protected] to cancel.

What is V Shred’s Shipping Policy?

Our V Shred assessment discovered that the agency ships its Sculpt Nation dietary supplements to the US and Canada best. 

Orders technique within 24 hours and tracking facts are emailed after the bundle has shipped. Then it’s about four-6 enterprise days of anxiously stalking your bundle till it arrives on your step.

What is V Shred’s Return Policy?

V Shred offers 30 days to get your cash again if you aren’t glad, along with your fitness purchase. Contact the logo by using email to request money back. 

One crucial caveat is that the custom weight-reduction and training plans are exempt from this refund coverage. 

For dietary supplements, V Shred has a Lifetime Money Back Guarantee wherein in case you don’t like your complement and aren’t seeing effects after 30 days (i.e., The whole bottle), you may get hold of a refund minus your transport fees. 

You can mail back unopened supplement bottles however will need to pay for delivery. Alternatively, you may coins in on a 25% refund for the unopened product if you don’t want to ship it lower back.

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