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Cirkul Water Bottle Reviews – Is It Worth Trying?

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About Cirkul

Drinking enough water hasn’t constantly come clear for me. Its fitness incentives help me meet my daily purpose, but sometimes I want something with a touch of extra taste.

Cirkul is the brand new #hydration craze for your social media feed. The brand’s BPA-free, green water bottles help boost your water consumption via replaceable flavor cartridges, revolutionizing water intake with over forty flavors in 6 special beverage classes.

Thanks to their beyond TikTok marketing campaign, hoards of Americans had been trying to get their fingers on their very personal Cirkul. With those orders came a bundle of capabilities in guides like Glossy and The Business Journal and a social network of over 320k.

Maybe you saw the new hydration fashion on TikTok, or perhaps you determined it while attempting to find methods to up your fitness recreation — irrespective of the reason, take a peek at this Cirkul Water Bottle overview to discover if the Emblem is the real deal before you check out. 

Here, I’ll discuss the organization and its great dealers, display what customers have to mention approximately them, provide solution FAQs, and more, to help you decide if they’re worth all the buzz. 

Why You Should Trust Us

Our venture will help you make better, extra-informed buy selections. Our crew spends hours getting to know, consulting with medical examiners, amassing perceptions from expert professionals, reviewing patron remarks, and analyzing products to provide you with the facts you want.

Overview of Cirkul

Cirkul Water Bottle Reviews - Is It Worth Trying?

Everyone knows the benefits of consuming water[1], but it’s tough for many of us to slug down the recommended 64 ounces in keeping with the day. That’s 8 cups of pale, tasteless liquid that, even though our brains inform us is ideal, our palates steer clear of. 

Studies[2] have shown flavored water is already the fourth most famous drink after undeniable water, tea, and espresso.

That’s where Cirkul is available. Before they founded the logo, Garrett Waggoner and Andy Gay were pupil-athletes struggling to stay on the pinnacle of drinking their everyday advocated dose of H2O. 

Defaulting to sugar-weighted-down sodas and synthetic sports activities beverages, the pair sought to merge taste, convenience, and fitness

Cue: Cirkul, the smooth-to-use, imaginative bottle that helps you get more out of your water. Instead of pouring in messy powders, you only want to pop inside the cartridge. 

And wait, I haven’t even reached the quality element, but. Each cartridge gets you six bottles of taste, so everyone charges around $zero.50– flow over steeply-priced sugary sports beverages.

Officially launched in 2015, the Emblem is now expected to be worth $1 billion, as in line with an editorial in Business Insider. Since their recent upward thrust to fame, Cirkul has added a hundred new personnel to their present team of 25. 

Feel like you understand the Emblem a touch more? Before I dive into their exciting product lineup in this Cirkul Water Bottle overview, please take a quick examination of their highlights.


  • 40+ Cirkul flavors to pick from
  • Sugar-free & 0 calories
  • No synthetic ingredients
  • Offers BPA-free plastic and stainless steel bottles
  • Each cartridge lasts for six uses
  • Affordable prices
  • Eco-friendly
  • Free shipping for orders over $15

Let’s get right to what you got here for the products. While I recognize their signature widespread-sized bottles and cartridges, aka Sips, are the Emblem’s maximum famous products, Cirkul’s product choice doesn’t stop there. It expands out to mini bottles, add-ons, and filters, too. 

If you’re no longer sure wherein to begin, I’ll manually you via it here however I located the brand’s website sincerely clean to navigate to. Everything you need to elevate your water recreation is on there, and I especially like its flowing, water-like design. Pretty becoming, right?

I received cowl all of it in this Cirkul Water Bottle review, alternatively focusing on the Emblem’s water bottles, Sips, and subscription packs. Let’s get right to it. 

Cirkul Water Bottles Review

Cirkul’s project is quite easy: that will help you get the most from your water. So evidently, its product lineup is easy too. Below, you’ll examine approximately the Emblem’s Starter Kit and everything that comes with it. 

Cirkul Starter Kit Review 

If you’ve just stumbled upon Cirkul, then appearance is no addition to the Starter Kit. Including all that you want to amp up your water, this helpful package includes the Cirkul bottle and leak-evidence lid, which might be dishwasher secure. 

You’ll also get to attempt two excellent-selling Cirkul cartridges: LifeSip Fruit Punch and FitSip Mixed Berry

Back whilst this Emblem first launched, they’d a restriction of 1 kit in step with household because of their notable reputation. Now that 1.5 million Americans have Cirkul, you may purchase as many.

While this exact package isn’t to be had right now, the brand makes it smooth to construct your own. Choose your chosen bottle and 2 of your favorite flavors to save up to 25%. Water bottle fees start at $12, even as sips are $3.75 a piece.

Cirkul Flavors Review

It didn’t marvel me to locate that the maximum famous Cirkul flavors are names I individually know and love. These tried and essential blends take me returned to my kids.

Below this Cirkul Water Bottle evaluation, you’ll locate the brand’s exceptional dealers, including Mixed BerryFruit Punch, and Tropical Blast

Cirkul Mixed Berry Review

I love a sports activities drink on a warm day just as much as the next man or woman. However I don’t reach for them because they’re loaded with synthetic colorings and flavors, no longer to mention sugar.

When you sweat, you lose magnesium, calcium, and potassium, 3 matters your frame and mind need to characteristic nicely. Normal water really won’t reduce it, but neither will sports activities drinks.

Cirkul cuts the sugar and packs all the flavor into a 20 mL p.C. Of water-improving gas

This Mixed Berry taste swirls collectively delicious blueberries, blackberries, and strawberries to create a fresh, course, or put-up-workout beverage. Get one % for $3.Seventy-five.

Cirkul Fruit Punch Review

Fruit Punch is one of these classics I find myself gravitating to repeatedly. A critical selection of the LifeSip line, this popping but mellow taste is superior with B Vitamins to maintain your thoughts sharp and your body jogging successfully. 

Typically a mix of grape, pineapple, apple, and citrus, this delectable mixture is so much extra than a safe wager; it’s a taste revelation! Get a 20mL % for $three.Seventy-five. 

Cirkul Tropical Blast Review 

Bursting with juicy flavors, Tropical Blast will take your tastebuds on a jungle journey. This cartridge is part of Cirkul’s FitSip line brimming with electrolytes to assist your frame in replenishing critical minerals. Am I proper if there’s nothing like a tropical bevy on a hot day?

A combination of pineapple, banana, orange, and mango party on your tongue, with sweet notes of coconut and pangs of citrusy lime. Try out this tangy 20mL deal for $three.Seventy-five. 

Cirkul Cartridges Review

Stock up on taste! Next in this Cirkul Water Bottle evaluation, I’ll fill you in on the brand’s high-quality-promoting cartridge plans. 

Your order will deliver with a loose BPA-loose plastic water bottle and a consolation grip lid,. Also, you’ll constantly be capable of altering the number of cartridges you obtain each month if you discover you want more or much less. I think it’s a first-rate convenient (no longer to mention delicious) manner to satisfy your each-day quota.

To begin constructing your package deal, you’ll select from a range of cartridge plans, after which you will start adding flavors from Cirkul’s six memorable lines. I’ll describe the lot below so you recognize exactly what you’re getting: 

  • LifeSip – To decorate your each day routine. These cartridges are full of flavor and B nutrients. Choose from 12 flavors, along with Strawberry Lemonade and Watermelon
  • FitSip – When you’re lively, you sweat. To refill electrolytes attain for this sort of five flavors like White Cherry or Mixed Berry
  • GoSip – With successful of caffeine, those buzzy beverages are available 8 flavors together with Cherry Limeade and Citrus Twist
  • PureSip – Taste without sugar! Choose from 8 unsweetened flavors, like Pineapple or Tangerine. 
  • TeaSip – Your favored flavored tea. Pick from Raspberry Tea or Peach Tea
  • BrewSip – Get your morning pep on with these iced espresso cartridges. They’re presented in four flavors, such as my favored: Caramel Iced Coffee

Remember, every cartridge is ideal for a mean of 6 makes use of. Now, allow’s dive into the plans.

Cirkul Eight Cartridges Review

The Cirkul 8 Cartridges plan helps you pep matters up now and again. With a month-to-month supply of 8 water-improving flavors, I assume this selection is ideal for everyone who likes a little taste now and again. You’ll get 48 to fill the united states of America on this plan.

Perhaps you want to revel in the occasional iced espresso or refill your electrolytes after your weekly football sport. Regardless of the cause, Cirkul has you included. Get eight Cartridges and a loose water bottle for $27

Cirkul Forty-eight Cartridges Review 

Are you aiming to drink a ton of water? Since it’s encouraged you drink a minimum of 8 glasses consistent with the day, this plan takes care of your entire month, after which a few. I suppose it’s a wonderful choice for couples too. Plus, having a ton of options makes matters thrilling.

48 Cartridges let you attempt a wide variety of flavors offered by Cirkul. Stock up on BrewSip on your weekly walks to work, plus some LifeSip flavors for afternoon select-me-ups. 

Pick from a complete 39 flavors, and get the maximum from your water with 48 Cartridges for $120 (that’s just $zero. Forty in step with refill).

Are Cirkul Cartridges Healthy? 

Cirkul elements do now not include sugar or artificial flavors, or colorings. The Sips no calories andy may be full of taste—something I’ve located is rare for wholesome merchandise. 

Some of the brand’s flavors include stevia, a herbal, sugar-loose sweetener that’s keto and diabetic-pleasant. 

In addition to natural ingredients, Cirkul’s goal is that it will help you drink extra water, and that’s a very healthful practice that I assume we could all use plenty extra of. 

Does Cirkul Have Caffeine? 

Some of Cirkul’s Cartridges have caffeine, but don’t fear; the brand specifies which of them do on their product web page. I’ll list them right here on this Cirkul Water Bottle evaluation, too, so know which of them to buy or keep away from:

  1. GoSip: Added caffeine for a further perk while you want it. Try adding a p.C. On your water in the morning if you’re no longer an espresso lover.
  2. TeaSip: Light on caffeine but with full-on tea flavor, these fruity teas are a terrific addition for afternoons spent in the sun. 
  3. BrewSip: Coffee that received dehydrates you? I’m in. 

How Long Does A Cirkul Cartridge Last? 

Whether you put your Cirkul bottle in its Small, Medium, or Large place will effect how long your cartridge will close. When set to Medium, you could anticipate getting approximately 6 bottles well worth of flavor earlier than you’ll want to trade it up. 

Who Is Cirkul For? 

Cirkul is an amazing option for individuals who want to get greater out of their water. Drinking enough water each day may be difficult. I can attest to that. People typically respond to taste better than they do plain taste, and by including delicious flavors in your water, you could find yourself drinking extra of it. 

With this in mind, I suppose Cirkul is a perfect choice for those on a low-carb or keto weight loss plan or the ones who’ve diabetes. Those with diabetes should seek advice from their physician earlier than attempting any product, but Cirkul is sugar-free and is generally considered safe for diabetics. 

The brand has a choice of Sips, together with caffeinated and non-caffeinated varieties, and gives adult and children’s bottles, showing that their delicious drinks may be loved at any age

Comparison: Cirkul vs. WaterLama 

Water-improving merchandise isn’t new to the market, however, the closer you appearance, the more likely you’re to look at variations among popular brands. 

I’m going to do a brief contrast of Cirkul and WaterLama that will help you see what makes every brand so particular.

First matters first, WaterLama is an app—they don’t sell merchandise. And whilst you may be wondering that, of the route, these brands are exceptional, maintain reading this Cirkul Water Bottle overview to look how they’re surely quite similar. At least, in terms of their assignment. 

Upon landing at the WaterLama homepage, I loved the contemporary, llama subject and vivid coloration scheme, something that quite makes a distinction on the subject of motivation. Not offered on their similarities but? Stay with me. 

Download WaterLama to task yourself to drink greater water, stay far away from alcohol, or ditch sugary beverages. Like Cirkul, this animal-themed logo is all about getting you healthy and supporting you weigh down your dreams by way of manner of water. See, I instructed you they were alike!

Actually, now that I consider it Cirkul could be a tremendous product to enjoy while you use WaterLama. The app will let you degree your water intake, report streaks, and cheer you on with a lovable each-day mascot to assist and inspire you for your adventure to health. 

WaterLama is unfastened to revel in but it does have in-app purchases to take your enjoyment to another stage. Consider pairing those useful brands to grow your energy.

Cirkul Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

If you’re like me, you could experience buying on Cirkul, but before you begin piling matters into your cart, take an examination thru this phase of my Cirkul Water Bottle overview to discover in case your feelings about the logo are warranted. 

Here, I’ll encompass patron feedback compiled from resources ways and extensive throughout the internet that mention things like flavortransport, and customer service

It seems that only the Sips have scored at the brand’s internet site, so I’ve bullet-pointed a few below, one from each category: 

  • Strawberry Lemonade – four.2/five stars, sixty one rankings
  • Vanilla Iced Coffee – four.Three/5 stars, 26 scores
  • Cucumber (Unsweetened) – 4.Three/five stars, forty five ratings
  • Green Apple – 4.Five/five stars, 27 rankings
  • Peach Tea – five/5 stars, 39 ratings

Intrigued about how the BrewSips could taste without milk and added sugar, I determined to take a more in-depth look at consumer remarks for the Vanilla Iced Coffee, but upon repeatedly clicking on the “26 opinions” link, no new website loaded. Defeated, I took my seek someplace else. 

Landing on Product Hunt, I saw a 2.7/5 celebrity rating for the brand and 491 client reviews. Buyers write approximately playing the flavors, saving money, and slicing down on sugar thanks to the Emblem’s tasty products. 

One Cirkul Water Bottle assessment reads, “I have a hard time with simple water, I’ll add lemon or different flavorings to it, but that is awesome due to the fact I just fill and sip…and it tastes scrumptious!” 

This overview indicates m3 how smooth it’s miles to exchange your life even as not feel as if you’re missing out on anything. Another Cirkul Water Bottle overview examines:

I were the usage of my Cirkul bottle for around 2 months now and I suppose common, it turned into a pretty fun investment. The flavors are high-quality, the bottle/packaging seems very smooth, and it has gotten me to drink greater water over just a regular bottle.

With a median score, I figured there needs to be some trouble that customers are having repeatedly with the logo. After a brief scroll of the feedback on Product Hunt, I located out that it’s about their customer service. 

Now that matters have bogged down a bit, it seems that the logo has a deal with resolving court cases. Read the next phase of this Cirkul water bottle overview for my final verdict.

Is Cirkul Worth It?

If you’ve simply studied the final segment of this Cirkul Water Bottle evaluation, then you may feel a touch conflicted about ordering from the brand. I don’t blame you, as unauthorized costs and missing orders are an online client’s nightmare. 

But it’s my task to investigate the scenario from all angles, and what I will say is that troubles like this aren’t traditional throughout the board. Those who wrote to the BBB were given their issues resolved, so notwithstanding the F score, the Emblem has honestly made efforts to make matters proper with their customers. 

I also deliver them a bit bit of a destroy due to the fact they’ve just been given a large inflow of clients due to their TikTok campaign. Now that the frenzy has subsided, I think you’ll have a far easier go with order.

Feedback aside, I assume there are a ton of motives why Cirkul is a wonderful desire to your way of life. They have many options for Sips, they assist you to devour extra water, and to many, they’ve awesome customer support. 

So, even as I understand the capacity problems of ordering from Cirkul, I still accept as true with their products are really worth the purchase. Don’t need to reserve online? Pick up a bundle or starter kit at one of Emblem’s companion stores.

Cirkul Promotions & Discounts 

Throughout this Cirkul Water Bottle assessment, I turned to search for deals. Here’s what I found:

  • Build a cartridge plan, and get a free water bottle
  • Free delivery on orders over $15
  • Refer 10 pals to get a loose Stainless Steel Water Bottle

If you’re interested in statistics at the contemporary Cirkul coupon code, make sure to enroll in their e-newsletter. 

Where to Buy Cirkul

To strive out the most modern TikTok craze, you may get your Cirkul water bottle at drinkcirkul.Com or from Bed, Bath & Beyond, Walmart, or Amazon.


Where is Cirkul made? 

Google pointed me to Tampa, Florida. While I’m not 100% certain if this is in which the brand’s merchandise is manufactured, it is in which their headquarters are placed. 

Can you lose weight with Cirkul? 

It’s very possible that you may shed pounds with Cirkul. It’s no longer that the products themselves burn fats or torch energy, but through changing sugary liquids with sugar-free variations, you’ll cut down on your calorie and sugar consumption and you may shed pounds. 

How do you store Cirkul? 

You can keep your Cirkul cartridges at room temperature. They don’t require refrigeration or special conditions. That’s one of my preferred things approximately them—apart from the tasty flavors. Once you open your cartridge, be sure to use it within 10 days

What is Cirkul’s Shipping Policy?

I noticed a warning in Cirkul’s FAQ about shipping delays. The logo has blown up thanks to their TikTok marketing campaign, and because of that, they’re experiencing excessive volumes of orders. 

Normally, transport in the US takes 5-7 enterprise days, however, it is able to take double that point. Shipping is unfastened for orders over $15. All different costs may be calculated at checkout. 

The logo no longer ships outside of America at this time. To tune the reputation of your order, head for your Cirkul login at the logo’s website and choose ‘order reputation.’ 

What is Cirkul’s Return Policy?

Because Cirkul is a perishable product, the logo no longer accepts returns. If you’ve got any important problems along with your order even though, you may constantly get in contact with their customer service team by emailing the address under. 

How to Contact Cirkul

I desire that you determined all which you came looking for and extra in this Cirkul Water Bottle review. If you continue to have questions, I inspire you to contact the Emblem by emailing [email protected]

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