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Zeelool Reviews – Is It Worth Your Money?

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About Zeelool

Anyone who wears glasses knows how without issue, a pair should make or ruin a look. What some select on a whim can alter the perception of an individual just based totally on the colouration and fashion selected. 

We’re compelled we’re lect accurately time after time as those frames don’t come cheap. At least they didn’t until Zeelool entered the image.

We’ll admit, this emblem isn’t quite as properly known as a few others in the agency. They haven’t been closely featured online in the press or media, but they’ve nevertheless made an effect. 

In the quick years on the grounds that their 2017 release, this logo has managed to mention over 387k followers on their predominant Instagram web page, and that’s not even searching for their specialized pages for gendered styles and person nations.

The factor is – we as an international want to recognize more about this emblem. This Zeelool assessment is dedicated to determining all the most essential records and compiling them in a single area. 

Products, charges, rankings, transport services – we’re checking it all out to determine whether or not this logo must be purchased.

Overview of Zeelool

Zeelool Reviews - Is It Worth Your Money?

Unfortunately, there’s not lots of historical past available for this emblem. The organization has saved names and dates close to the chest, but we realize they first popped up in 2017

The idea for cheaper frames, fun styles, and self-expression came to the founder after their infant broke their glasses (all over again), and they realized they’d be meeting over $500 for brand-new frames in vintage style. Forget that.

We might not comprehend the call of the founder or modern-day-day owner, but we do relate intently to that story. Too usually have glasses snapped, costing masses in the alternative for preceding models. 

That’s why Zeelool’s predominant values centre on low spherical costs, excessive style, and countless self-expressions.

Considering what number of people within the international need to put on glasses every day, there must be more options than a single pair. We will all provide you with the money every few years. People deserve alternatives to mix and healthy counting on garb and attitudes. 

They deserve to reveal their laugh facet as much as their expert aspect. That’s why Zeelool maintains fees low – to assist people in locating the money for a much broader collection that shows off their private fashion.

The high-quality element of this brand (apart from its expansive and extraordinary series) ought to be it’s splendid. Not pleasant does Zeelool recognition on style, but they comply with reliable frames to resist everyday life’s pressures, injuries, and adventures. 

Using stable and superior materials, these frames control costs to keep costs low without sacrificing strength; it is constantly an advantage in our eyes.

Although the ones aren’t the quality execs, our Zeelool evaluation has been located through studies. We’ve got pretty the list of highlights:


  • Offers an expansive stock of glasses and frames
  • Low charges
  • Reliable integrity of materials
  • International transport 
  • A variety of lenses, from revolutionary to single imaginative and prescient to blue light and more
  • Financing alternatives to be had with Afterpay

It’s no longer viable to cowl the complete form of what this emblem brings to the table, so we’re going to cut up it via way of men’s and ladies’ styles for now. 

With that being said, there are also alternatives for studying and infant’s glasses, so don’t be afraid to dive into the depths to discover what fits your want. We’ll say it now – their solution probably exists in countless alternatives.

Zeelool Women’s Glasses Review

Who doesn’t love a woman in glasses? Especially if they’re the fun and cool Zeelool Women’s glasses.

We recognize that fashion tends to be non-public, so rather than choosing our favourites to expose, we’re sticking with several of the most famous portions from this logo for now – trust us, it took a long time to craft a character listing of private alternatives.

Zeelool Sean Eyeglasses Review

We wanted to begin this Zeelool evaluation section with a traditional style, so the Sean Eyeglasses stood out as the ideal healthy.

These conventional cat-eye frames will in no way increase vintage. A contact of mindset, a dash of beauty, there’s no dropping with these tipped frames that scream intelligence and charm

Crafted with sturdy plastic to offer electricity in the maximum turmoil of instances, these frames are probably a steady presence in everyone’s existence as they manual the way with a clear vision of the sector.

Let’s now not forget to mention our colour alternatives. Forget traditional black; we’ve been given a few amusing ones with the frames. There are options to spare, from purple to blue to the constantly popular tortoise pattern with slight and dark shades struggling with for hobby. 

For individuals who like fashion, stock up with a couple of colourations to be equipped for each day.

Tackle the traditional in a new way with those frames for $29.

Zeelool Dolores Review

Go for gold and by no means settle for a lot less as quickly because the Dolores frames have entered the photo.

These Zeelool glasses are all approximately a huge and shiny view. Shining like the solar, those complete-body yellow glasses circle the eyes to make that colouration truly pop

Contrasted by using black arms and yellow earpieces, all and sundry who wears those frames could buzz like a bee, the entire existence and all it gives!

Made with TR90 plastic, those glasses seem to do the impossible – integrate flexibility and energy. The supply of the material approach that everyone who generally struggles with breaking can flip to those for that delivered flexibility to store the day. 

They’re strong, dependable and provide accurate vibes with their stunning sunny colour. When writing this Zeelool evaluation, those glasses are sold for $17 instead of their ordinary $29 rate.

Zeelool Emma Sunglasses Review 

Right away, we ought to be aware that Emma Sunglasses aren’t usually for the sector, truly people who like to make the front.

These sun shades truly assist you in exquisite existence through their rose-tinted glasses. Stunning candy and paying homage to the splendour of crimson lemonade, their crimson and golden sun shades complement every other perfectly for that good summer season vibe. 

Add a bikini, an e-book, and a beach; we’re unique to head.

Despite being crafted from metallic, those stable frames avoid the warm temperature, leaving the most effective, reliable connections to the lenses we adore. 

Speaking of lenses, we need to upload the sensational UV safety in this rosy view, protecting our eyes from the difficult and dangerous glares of the sun we all hate to love.

Heat any summertime appearance with these glasses for $14.

Zeelool Men’s Review

Show off that clever appearance with those Zeelool Men’s high-quality dealers. Selecting from different traditional and contemporary-day patterns (we’ll go away with the wacky options up to private discovery), these frames are all approximately cool, calm, and collected in every scenario.

Zeelool Arthur Eyeglasses Review

Strike out into the sector with a sturdy and sharp new look providing the Arthur Eyeglasses.

These infants are all about that smooth, contemporary-day style. Working with immediate traces and edges, the rectangular frames always keep life (and also you) looking sharp. There’s nothing loopy or off-placing about those adorable and stable frames. 

Available in a bold black, there’s no way human beings received’t be seeking you for the test solutions once those clever patterns are delivered each day.

The quality part approximately those frames? They’re provided with several options. Whether working with blue mild, single vision or wanting the transition to a progressive lens way of life, those frames can be artwork with them all. 

They solve every call, providing that ideal sight in compact and dependable frames that aren’t afraid of a bit of adventurous living.

Set out with these elegant frames for $10, on sale from the regular rate of $23.

Zeelool Arale Eyeglasses Review

We’ll admit, the Arale Eyeglasses are a look in contrast to a few others. We love them for it.

Featuring a similar style to tortoise shells, those rounded glasses diverge from the standard thru the bridge. Swerving far from the same old curved mid-factor, the Arale frames as an opportunity to take things in a greater geometric path. 

Flat throughout the nostril, the shapes and tones of this frame beckoned out to the steampunk lovers of the arena.

We can’t forget about colouration. Inspired by a collaboration of steampunk and further herbal aesthetics, the frames take on a greyish-brown tone, offering differing shades to mimic the golden colourations of wood. Overall, they’re beautiful; that’s all to say.

Start showing off that new photograph for $26.

Zeelool Ainslee Sunglasses Review 

Afraid of getting too wild? The Ainslee Sunglasses flawlessly stabilize that feeling of amusement and formality with ease.

This pair of sunnies is sincerely quite clean. The striped format alternates in thick portions of clear, black, and deep red sun shades to shape the soothing sample. The wild side proper right here sincerely comes from the stripes. However, the selected sunglasses properly tone the frames to some aspects suitable for pretty masses.

Made for either guys or women, this acetate frame is all about a sturdy foundation. 

Whether using these with a prescription, bluefin lenses, or simply as light and sunny sun shades, the square frames with curved edges melt the appearance to make the advent approachable and easy.

Pair those frames with almost any search for $13.

Who Is Zeelool For? 

For those without 20/20, imaginative and prescient, this logo is for you. We understand that now not everybody desires to be ordering prescription lenses online. However, the variety to be had from this one is implausible. 

Great for cheap analyzing or mild blue glasses, similar to those required lenses used for everyday vision, this logo has been verified for imparting the right prescriptions at a lower charge.

Great for ordering a piece of variety proper into a day-by-day accent, this one maintains prices low and options excessive in extremely good stability. From guys to girls to kids, our Zeelool overview organization has determined styles for any and anyone.

Zeelool Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

We desired our Zeelool review to mirror sincere critiques, so we had to show the sector of online scores the nice concept of how this brand stacks up. 

A first appearance suggests that they’re a piece of a blended bag. While there are sure clients that adore the brand, there are as many with a few private troubles in place, but we’ll get to that during a chunk.

One of the first-rate properties we placed for Zeelool reviews got here from a vintage standby, TrustPilot. This platform quotes the industrial employer 3.8/5 stars primarily based on over 2,100 rankings. 

While there are mixed ratings, many customers adore the goods and services.

I love my new glasses! They had been so pretty that I got one type of shade variation of the same frame, and I couldn’t locate one in every one of them I couldn’t locate on each different internet page! I ordered from the USA, and it took a piece over weeks to get right here.

One of the matters most often highlighted within the top reviews on this platform is the delivery services. Customers document quick delivery times, contrasting critiques and payments of these with lower rankings. 

We will say that the frames appear widely desired due to colours, patterns, and usual stable crafting – that’s never a lousy aspect.

In reality, one Zeelool assessment appears to encapsulate all the prime factors of the organization in a single put-up: “I have ordered two pairs of frames from this enterprise, and I am extremely joyful. They are exceptional. Delivery became fast, and observe of ordering changed into an awesome provider. I notably advocate this corporation.

We have to mention, TrustPilot isn’t the simplest one on the interweb with insight into this logo. US Reviews gives a chunk of a dimmer angle with a 4.4/10 score. Despite the decreased range, the maximum modern-day opinions all praise the logo. 

One man or woman said, “I’m sincerely amazed by using the bad opinions here. Delivery was shorter than I anticipated. The frame is lovely, the prescription lenses (single imaginative and prescient) seem first-rate to date, but my revel in has been first rate.

The same client later (of their prolonged evaluation) combatted claims toward customer service by noting, “I connected customer service once I positioned my order, and they were given returned to me inside an afternoon.” 

It appears to differ from individual to person. However, many have skilled first-rate carriers and delivery from the organization time and time once more.  

I ordered the wrong PD for my prescription, and even though it has become my non-public fault, they presented 50% off of my subsequent order. My order became excellent, slightly stricken by excursion transport, and arrived internally in a nicely timed way. I don’t understand why I observed such a lot of poor critiques right here. They are pretty apparent in their offerings, and I had been given precisely what I ordered.

Aside from the offerings, the goods themselves appear to pop out nicely. On Amazon, the Zeelool Vintage Oversized Thick Cat Eye Glasses popularly take a seat at 4.Five/5 stars primarily based on over 1,100 scores. It makes revel in due to them being this type of traditional style. However, the fact stays that heaps of human beings adore these frames enough to shop for a couple of pairs. 

One Zeelool evaluation cited the attention received with the useful resource of these frames, especially asserting they’re “so cute!! I got many compliments in the few days I’ve had these, thick, strong, durable framewill genuinely purchase some other style.”

Their robust exceptional is some other detail stoning up constantly in the evaluation phase. From citing they’re “so properly made and sturdy, [but] appearance and experience very steeply-priced!” to posting approximately how they “are in truth a winner. Sturdy, no plastic feel in any respect. Plus, it’s extraordinary to spice up your eyewear for all events,” it’s clear that this logo is loved.

These frames aren’t by myself their hobby. They’re just one of the many featured pairs on Amazon to draw in masses of purchases. Check up only some of these different large hitters:

  • Zeelool Stylish Thick Oversized Square Blue Light Blocking Glasses for Women: four.4/5 stars based on over 385 scores
  • Zeelool Women’s Metal Browline Cat Eye Blue Light Blocking Glasses: 4. Three/five stars based totally on 305 scores
  • Zeelool Vintage Oversized Thick Cat Eye Blue Light Blocking Glasses for Women: four.1/five stars primarily based mostly on over 320 rankings
  • Zeelool Stylish Oversized Square Blue Light Blocking Glasses Computer Gaming Eyewear for Women: four.4/5 stars based mostly on 400 ratings
  • Zeelool Women’s Oversized Blue Light Blocking Glasses Butterfly Shape Eyewear: 4.Three/5 stars primarily based mostly on over 160 rankings

We understand that Amazon doesn’t use decent Zeelool names, but the frames are the same high-quality, assembled, and available from the tical distributor for an equal fee. 

We’ve already highlighted a few customer proceedings for service and shipping, but the other problem revolves around refunds. Some customers enjoy delays in getting that money again, which is important to further frustration – truthful.

That said, it’s a combined bag as others have professional, surely one-of-a-kind interactions. We will say that the excellent seems top-notch in maximum opinions, so the difficulty is a safe wager.

Is Zeelool Worth It?

We’ll be honest; this Zeelool evaluation is a piece of a mixed bag regarding what we’ve learned. We do accept as true with that their big range of frames is unmatched, and we don’t want to limit humans to what’s simplest available in a brick-and-mortar keep. 

We count on the superb, and the options are nicely worth trying, especially at such low fees. That said, their provider and shipping seem to be more debatable among customers.

Our solution? Get the frames through each different retailer in case you’re especially concerned. It’s smooth that the unique builds appear to be universally prominent, so take the exceptional without the worst. 

Zeeloo,l despite making their income off of the frames, customers mustn’t threaten iffy provider and delivery speeds. Simple and candy, customers, though, keep cash and time and turn out to be with pinnacle-tier frames.

Zeelool Promotions & Discounts 

We must admit that at the same time as writing this article, we discovered Zeelool discounts anywhere. Upon entering the internet site, deals begin flashing. This brand is all about financial savings. 

We’ve indexed just a few of the pinnacle discounts to be had right now to maintain in mind whilst shopping for:

  • Wheel of discounts providing up to $18 off
  • Women’s Day Sale as tons as eighty% off
  • Buy one pair, get one 50% off
  • Student cut the price of 12% off

Where to Buy Zeelool 

Our Zeelool assessment positioned that one of the motive fees continues to be so low comes all of the way down to availability. Selling totally through their web page at zeelool.Com and through Amazon, this corporation cuts out the intermediary and goes from manufacturer to your property for reasonably-priced.  


Who owns Zeelool?

From what we can inform, the brand might be trademarked via Zhengzhou Xiaomoshou E-Commerce Co. Unfortunately; there’s no clear identity of the founder or owner listed online.

Does Zeelool supply the world over?

Yes, they do! They’re very proud to offer sizeable worldwide transport.

Where is Zeelool made?

Zeelool products are made in China. No issues approximately first-class, even though China is one of the great in the game regarding eyewear.

What is Zeelool’s Shipping Policy?

Have we been given the data for all of you – from ETAs to move prices? It’s all without issues handy online. Rather than sending readers out to do an are-seeking, we’ve prepared a brief listing of the three delivery speeds available. 

Since it’s relying on the united states of America, we’ve long passed with an ordinary US shipment for our instance:

  • Standard Shipping
  • 14 to 21 industrial organization days
  • $7
  • 10 to 14 enterprise days
  • $10
  • 7 to twelve business days
  • $19

We should note that free shipping is available for orders over $70 so that you can be calculated and applied at checkout earlier than ordering. 

All shipments are tracked with data despatched out to clients as quickly as a bundle deal is in direction. Keep a watch on the tracker and get ready for the latest look.

What is Zeelool’s Return Policy?

Need that money lower returned? There’s no fear here as Zeelool gives a 365-day guarantee for damages and defects on all products. Those who surely don’t similar to the product or have purchaser’s regret have 30 days to initiate a cross return for compensation.

Here’s the deal, this complete cross-returned technique is honestly quite stylish. It’s without a doubt the same few number one steps as some other area:

  1. Send an electronic mail to customer support about the request to move returned and the reasoning (embody order wide range and address for the faster provider)
  2. Wait for a reaction with additional instructions and a cross again to cope with
  3. Package up the object for pass lower back with the brand new label and ship it off

If there are any troubles with the production itself, email customer support as speedy as feasible to allow them to understand a substitute or refund. As for expected returns, we can only divide up those steps and not the usage of an actual ETA for that money lower back.

How to Contact Zeelool

Have any lingering questions after this Zeelool overview? The first-rate (we sometimes have questions too). The great way to conquer this interest is to achieve out from Mon–Sun 4:30 PM – 1:30 AM next day (PST)

Not the most regular hours, but that’s all we can offer apart from these easy methods to get in touch:

  • Email: assist@zeelool.Com
  • Whatsapp: +86-18837183964
  • Phone: +1 (302) 990-0619
  • Live chat

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