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Permatan Reviews – Is Permatan Legit or a Scam?

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Welcome to our comprehensive analysis of ‘Permatan Reviews.’

In this article, we will examine the experiences and feedback shared by customers, highlighting both positive and negative aspects.

With a focus on verified reviews, this company ensures the authenticity of customer feedback while combating fake reviews.

We will address concerns regarding shipping, product information, and customer service, while also showcasing positive experiences.

Join us as we provide an unbiased and informative exploration of ‘Permatan Reviews.’

Company Activity and Review System

The company’s activity and review system, although promising, raises some concerns about its effectiveness and transparency.

While the system claims to encourage both positive and negative reviews, there are questions about the authenticity of these reviews. Additionally, the company offers incentives for reviews, which can create bias and undermine the credibility of the feedback.

Another issue is the company’s lack of response to negative reviews, which can lead to a skewed representation of customer experiences.

It is worth noting that anyone can write a review on Trustpilot, and reviewers have the ownership to edit or delete their reviews. However, verified reviews are supposed to be about genuine experiences, and the company has implemented measures to fight fake reviews.

Nonetheless, the transparency and effectiveness of the review system remain areas of concern.

Shipping and Delivery Issues

Continuing with concerns raised in the previous subtopic about the company’s activity and review system, shipping and delivery issues have also been reported by customers. These issues include:

  1. Payment problems: Some customers experienced payment failure despite having up-to-date payment methods. The promised link to fix the payment issue was never received, causing frustration and inconvenience.
  2. Delayed shipments: Customers reported that their shipments took around 3-4 weeks to arrive, which is longer than expected. In some cases, the second shipment never even shipped, but a jumbo size was sent as a replacement.

These shipping and delivery issues highlight the company’s inefficiencies in ensuring timely and smooth delivery of products to customers. Such problems can lead to dissatisfaction and a lack of trust in the company’s ability to fulfill orders promptly.

Lack of Product Information

The insufficiency of product information is a notable concern within the realm of Permatan Reviews. Customers have reported that the company fails to disclose clear information about bottle sizes in their product descriptions. This lack of transparency makes it difficult for potential buyers to make informed decisions.

Additionally, comments requesting information on social media are deleted, further exacerbating the problem. Clear and concise product descriptions are of utmost importance for clarity and accessibility. Some products only show capacities when zoomed in on images, making it inconvenient for customers to find this information.

Moreover, there is a lack of transparency in pricing, which adds to the frustration of potential buyers. To build trust and ensure customer satisfaction, it is essential for Permatan to provide transparent and detailed product information in their descriptions.

Customer Service Experience

Regarding the customer service experience at Permatan, there are several areas of concern that have been brought to light by customers. These concerns highlight the need for improvements in customer service.

Some of the main issues include:

  1. Difficulty resolving issues with customer service: Customers have reported difficulties in getting their issues resolved. This includes delayed response times and a lack of satisfactory resolutions.
  2. Communication problems: Many customers have expressed frustration with the lack of communication and support from Permatan’s customer service team. This has led to a breakdown in the customer-company relationship and a negative experience overall.
  3. Lack of timely response: Customers have reported long wait times for responses from customer service representatives. This delay in communication adds to the frustration and dissatisfaction experienced by customers.
  4. Need for improved customer service: Overall, there is a clear need for improvements in customer service at Permatan. This includes better communication, faster response times, and a focus on resolving customer issues in a timely manner.

Positive Experiences

Customers at Permatan have also shared positive experiences with the product and its effectiveness. Many customers have expressed their satisfaction with the results they have achieved using Permatan. They have reported that the product has provided them with a natural-looking tan that lasts for a significant amount of time. Customers have also appreciated the ease of application and the evenness of the tan.

While customers have generally been happy with the product’s effectiveness, some have mentioned the need for more scientific data on product safety. This feedback suggests that customers value transparency and want to ensure that the product they are using is safe. To further enhance customer satisfaction levels, Permatan could consider providing more comprehensive product safety data to address these concerns.


In conclusion, ‘Permatan Reviews’ provides a comprehensive review system that encourages customers to share their experiences and feedback. The company emphasizes the importance of verified reviews to ensure authenticity and actively combats fake reviews.

While some concerns have been raised regarding shipping, delivery, and lack of product information, there are also positive experiences shared by customers, highlighting the effectiveness of the products.

Overall, ‘Permatan Reviews’ offers a platform for balanced perspectives and constructive feedback.

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