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Il Makiage Reviews: Is This Worth It?

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II Makiage is a fairly new makeupemblem that has had a ton of buzz lately. Whether you saw one of their Instagram advertisements or heard great Il Makiage evaluations from buddies, one issue is for certain: you’re fascinated.

Woke Up Like This Foundation ($36)

Honestly, the commercials with influencers using the Il Makiage basis captured my interest. I mean, their skin usually looked amazing once they applied it. Paired with their “try earlier than you buy” advertising, I had to try it myself.

So, how accurate is this emblem, certainly? Today, I will look at who they’re, their guidelines, and my opinions of some of the top merchandise I tried.

What is II Makiage? 

II Makiage is an online beauty emblem selling basis, concealer, mascara, and maximum makeup merchandise. They were formally based in 1972, but new possession and makeup in 2018 delivered them to the center of attention.

Based in New York, this company is about developing the top divine and sultry portions ever added to the global makeup and splendor.

While they have a lot of extremely good merchandise, their basis is makeup-rated, and their awareness point, they’re dedicated to simplifying searching for foundations.

They do their pleasant to discover your perfect color online, and in line with Il Makiage critiques, they do quite an excellent process!

Il Makiage Foundation Reviews

Now, allow’s to get to the coolest component.

I’ve attempted some products from Il Makiage: their top-rated foundation, concealer, primer, and mascara. Since their foundation is their predominant selling factor, it allows beginning there.

Woke Up Like This Foundation Review

Available in 50 shades, this is a complete-coverage foundation with a matte, streak-unfastened finish. There are thousands and heaps of Il Makiage critiques on this foundation (it’s one of their pinnacle-promoting merchandise and is typically the point of interest of their ad campaigns).

With all the hype and my struggles to discover good foundations, this became the first product I brought to my cart.

Overall Rating: eight/10⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Overall, I like this basis loads more than I idea I might. I tend to gravitate toward mild and medium insurance foundations with a dewy end (or even B.B. lotions) because my pores and skin are dry, and I love a dewy end.

This foundation is pretty a whole lot the other of that. However, it pleasantly surprised me. I ought to make certain my pores and skin are well moisturized earlier than using an awesome primer; however, that is a must-have for any matte foundation. Despite being complete coverage, it feels very lightweight.

Even after carrying it the whole day, it doesn’t experience dryness (and doesn’t look cakey) so long as I moisturize generously earlier than utility and use an excellent primer. I’ll review the Il Makiage primer in extra element later, but I wasn’t the biggest fan.

I’m not a large fan of the matte finish. However, this is easy to exchange with a dewy setting spray.

While this truly isn’t a normal basis for me, I’m glad I determined a complete coverage basis that works for my dry skin sooner or later.

I will say that the commands say to use 2 pumps. However, I discovered that my pores and skin wished greater than this a good way to be comprehensive insurance.

My order also came with an unfastened basis brush worth $45, which was brilliant! It’s not the high-quality foundation brush obtainable, but it turned unfastened.

Coverage Rating: 9/10 ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

This became truly full insurance as claimed.

Since I usually wear mild or medium insurance foundation, it became shocking to look at every imperfection on my face, including up. I didn’t even need the concealer!

Shade Rating: 7/10 ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

As everyone could be, I became involved in buying foundations online and counting on them to pick my color based on a quiz.

Seeing that they offer a try-before-you-buy, they appear pretty confident in their gadget, but I was nonetheless concerned.

The quiz asks simple questions like your skin kind, what insurance you want, pores and skin worries, your undertone, and your contemporary foundation brands/sun shades. They also show you a sequence of photos and ask which one is the maximum, like your pores and skin color.

Overall, there’s an excellent quantity of questions. However, quite clean to answer, and the quiz is going fast. Most of the questions have you pick which skin tone is maximum much like yours among a couple of photographs.

In my case, my coloration matched pretty well. However, I did love it had a bit of an orange hint in certain lights. The coloration becomes extremely close; however, no longer ideal. It’s close enough that no one could ever notice, however I’ll probably try a distinctive color inside the Destiny to find the best healthy.

I have additionally had multiple friends try them out and be dissatisfied that their coloration became incorrect. This may want to take place due to the fact they blazed thru the quiz, so ensure to surely keep in mind which photograph is sincerely closest to your skin shade (now not what you wish your skin color is).

Wear Rating: 7/10 ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

At around 12 hours of damage, I did note it was beginning to fade and get a touch of catchy. But still, 12 hours of wear is pretty exquisite! My skin is at the dry facet, so this is probably more of a hassle for people with oily skin.

I also examined carrying the muse with and without primer (my cutting-edge preferred is the Touch in Sol Liquid Primer) and putting spray (Urban Decay All Nighter). Without these, it began to vanish at around eight or 10 hours.

Note: If you’ve got oily pores and skin, alternatively, you might not forget their After Party basis. It’s comprehensive insurance with a matte end as nicely. However, it’s formulated in another way to assist in controlling oil and shine without clogging pores. People with oily pores and skin tend to love this foundation better.

F*CK I’m Flawless Concealer Review

Overall Rating: 6/10

Il Makiage has four great concealers. However, I am determined to attempt their pinnacle dealer. Although I don’t even want concealer when using they’re Woke Up Like This foundation, I use a dewy foundation as my ordinary product, so I normally put on concealer.


Overall, I wasn’t super thrilled with the coverage of this concealer. Although the color they chose matched me flawlessly, and it doesn’t cake, it doesn’t appear to cowl an awful lot.

I sense that an aforoncealer is to offer as much insurance as possible, so I became dissatisfied with this product and wouldn’t purchase it again.

No Filter Primer Review

Overall Rating: 6/10

Another product I introduced to the order to give it a shot became their primer. It worked well and helped the muse close all day, but I don’t sense adore it became the exceptional suit for my dry pores and skin.

I want a moisturizing primer. In any other case, my skin will appear dry, and my foundation may get cakey.

The primer I’ve been using is the Touch in Sol Liquid Primer, which is pretty much the consistency of water, and I certainly adore it. It’s terrific for moisturizing and creates the appropriate base for my pores and skin.

I wouldn’t say the No Filter primer from Il Makiage became terrible. However, it wasn’t my pinnacle selection, and I didn’t examine my normal primer.

The consistency could be very similar to your regular primer (like Smashbox primer), so if you’re a fan of those formulations, you’ll probably like the Il Makiage primer.

On top of that, the Il Makiage primer is quite spendy – I don’t suppose I’d pay nearly $50 for any primer due to the fact I even have used masses of great merchandise that is more low-cost.

Icon High Volume & Intense Curl Mascara Review

Overall Rating: 8/10

I sincerely obtained this in a subscription field and am so satisfied I did! This is considered one of my preferred mascaras.

It doesn’t clump or make your lashes appear spidery while also lengthening lashes amazingly.

Icon High Volume & Intense Curl Mascara ($25)

Although I’m no longer overly excited to pay $25 for mascara, I will keep doing so, as it’s true! I normally rotate between this and the Too Faced Better Than Sex mascara.

I will say it doesn’t do a lot in terms of extent. However, I constantly use an eyelash curler because my eyelashes aren’t very voluminous naturally.

Even though it can use some volumizing power, the length this mascara can upload is out of this global.

Il Makiage Return Policy 

Another of the maximum buzzed-approximately components of Il Makiage is their a hundred% money-returned guarantee and their attempt-earlier than-you-buy provide.

Their return coverage states that you could go back the unused portion of your product lower back to them, either in-save or online, within 60 days of the original buy for a complete refund.

Aside from their regular return coverage, they also provide attempt-before-you-buy (you pay for shipping). They send you great merchandise and receive prices for you for 14 days.

If you come inside 14 days, you won’t get charged.

That stated I trust this simplest applies to choosing products. I did the try-before-you-purchase with my basis, concealer, and primer. They position to position in” on my account, which technically charged me.

With that, products are finally using a returnsreturnse. They also no longer provide any charge modifications or modifications on products you have already purchased. 


II Makiage offers free shipping in the United States for all orders over $50. If your order is under $50, delivery fees are $5.95.

Orders commonly take two to two to two to 2-three days to be processed; however, as soon as your order ships, you may anticipate it to arrive within one to one to 1-three days (except weekends). In my case, this turned into pretty, right? I received my order four days after ordering. 

It is vital to notice that sending your order to a special location (along with a P.O. Field or APO) may also soak up to 14-21 commercial enterprise days. This also includes Hawaii and Alaska. 

They additionally offer Canadian transport for $nine.99 (or $7.95 for strive before you buy) and worldwide delivery for a $20 flat rate.

Bottom Line, Is Il Makiage Worth It?

To summarize my Il Makiage overview, they’ve become one of my new preferred basis manufacturers! Although a couple some tried wasn’t an awesome suit for me, the others I’ve attempted have been the best.

Their products are a chunk spendy, but I genuinely think they’re worth giving a shot, considering that they have this lenient go-back coverage or even the attempt-before-you-buy offer.

Note everybody unearths their ideal suit, but a few people (along with myself) love much merchandimerchandisesMakiage. The basic color tucolornto is almost spot-on for me!

Despite having tried some of their top-rated products, I’ve barely made a dent in their entire series, so I’m excited to continue trying more.

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