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W&P Porter Bundle Review – Must Read Before Buying!

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W&P is purchaser-focused, and that aspect is baked into their method of making new products. Their three rules for product development consist of ensuring their merchandise meets a consumer’s want, is feasible long term, and has their passion in it.

What Is W&P?

W&P started from humble beginnings with two university roommates, Josh Williams and Eric Prum, who cherished putting together dinners, blending drinks, and entertaining. In this vein, they prompt us to create modern kitchen products to share that ardor with all of us.

The corporation began with its first product, the Mason Shaker, launched as a Kickstart campaign. It was an overwhelming achievement and showed those budding innovators that their eye for growing culinary merchandise became to be relied on. Since then, they’ve released mass merchandise with this current Porter collection.

To deliver returns, the organization has engaged in a single-off donation drive. This one became built across the idea of donating $10 for each $50 spent to a charity of your desire. We love engagement like this; however, the handiest desire became extra familiar or wholly built into the shopping revel.

Rating Breakdown



W&P does an exquisite activity making those look, sense, and carry out like excessive-degree merchandise. Each material applied in these products is of the excellent tier/certification.



This merchandise’s excellent and average overall performance justifies their rate factor, but they have barriers. Some of that merchandise is among my favorite food storage objects and might be bought repeatedly.



The bowls and bags would be exquisite if you could categorize the gadgets on this bundle deal into three agencies: bowls, luggage, and drinkware. Still, I found some limitations to the capability of the drinkware.



The W&P logo is built around sustainability and personal impact. Their merchandise is designed well for that cause. They have a precise zest for a laugh and share properly-designed products. They listen to their customers and engage in responsible supply chain practices.

W&P Porter Bundle Testing And Performance

Like most millennials, I use numerous storage product alternatives that I have slowly obtained thru my grownup existence. My beloved series embody some Tupperware brand bins, a glass set with silicon seals from Target, and a set of cheap plastic ones that I was too lazy to update. As I enter my past due 20s, I want superb products.

Appearance and Style

Before critiquing each person’s item, it permits communication approximately the fashion and design as a whole.

I chose the charcoal coloration opportunity, which fits me flawlessly. Although, I don’t assume there are any horrific shades. You can choose cream, mint, blush, slate, or charcoal. It should be mentioned that each of them has this pastel fashion to their color, so if you’re seeking out some that are dark and colorful, those might not be your preferred.

I, in my view, love how they match my revel in favor. They deliver a current, contemporary vibe. They, in truth, don’t have appearance or experience reasonably priced.

Nearly whenever I’ve taken one or more of those Porter products out of the house, people observe and question me where I have been given them. So those live as much as the sublime and aesthetically advanced popularity W&P’s has constructed up.

Except for the Porter bowl, all of the products aggregate transparent fabric with 100% LFGB-licensed silicone for very exceptional stability of coloration. That additionally means you could, without problems, see what’s inner.


I love these sealed-tight glass bowls—my first effect is that they preserve more than I am the first notion.

Some of my pass-to food to tour paintings with are oatmeal and soup. These bowls fit the ones used ideally. Because they may be microwave-stable, I can make, tour, and eat my morning oatmeal inside the same field. That is new for me, and I am right here for it. The equal goes for the soup.

There are traveling containers with better insulation, but none I’ve used are microwave-safe.

Finally, the porter bowl gives a cute strap for a delivery guarantee on the lid’s seal. This permits me to feel secure, setting it vertically in my backpack. I ended up storing salads and noodles at some unspecified time in the future of my tests, and it worked beautifully. I haven’t had a bowl pretty much love it earlier than that, and I find it an exact preference that I advise all and sundry try.


This package includes the Wide Mouth Porter Water Bottle and the Porter Glass.

The water bottle features a 16oz ability, a silicon jacket for style and some insulation, and an enormous mouth for smooth sipping and cleansing. It plays as you’d expect; however, it doesn’t keep very masses or insulate properly sufficiently for warm drinks.

While I like the classy very lot, I am very familiar with my 40oz insulated knock-off hydro flask, so I must in no way see this being my go-to water bottle. Moreover, the glass makes me very weary from wondering if it would even stay on as my move-to water bottle. Especially after analyzing what number of dents my metallic one has…

I’ve used it for iced tea or one-of-a-kind cold drinks. It’s a laugh choice to have.

The Porter Glass is a 15oz wine tumbler with a sliding lid and a broader base. I’ve cherished the format of these tumbler forms considering that they have become well-known some years in the beyond. We would possibly locate cocktails and wine in them for the pool. While I love the fashion, this one has, the glass makes me weary of bringing it across the pool.

It is neat to look at the drink’s contents at the pinnacle. However, that feature essentially goes away after the primary few sips because the silicon covers most of the tumbler. I’m drinking warmth cider in this photograph. The Borosilicate glass makes it secure to have hot drinks, but the lack of insulation makes heated beverages uncomfortable to hold.

As well known, every piece of drinkware is fashionable and adequately made. They honestly have some limitations concerning the fabric being glass.

I may also need to peer myself shopping for or recommend the Porter Glass because I can’t ever have enough of this kind of tumbler. Though, in the location of the water bottle, I’d, as an alternative, strive for the Porter Insulated Bottle for coffee and tea.

Porter Bags

The package deal comes with three great sizes of the bag – 10oz, 34oz, and 50oz. They are every crafted from 100% LFGB-licensed silicone. One aspect is apparent, even though your selected coloration option is the opposite.

The 10oz bag is supposed for little snacks, which I enjoyed. It is an excellent little detail for traveling around, from blueberries to wheat thins. I quickly positioned a small quantity of rice left over from the meal. It changed into interest and desperation because I didn’t have a first-rate size field for this small quantity. Days later, rice is more energizing and moister than I’ve ever skilled with ordinary plastic boxes.

The 34oz bag is a form of a sandwich bag. Because of the material, I am genuinely comfortable using it for various foods. But yeah, it’s excellent at being a sandwich bag. 34oz is an incredible length. I honestly need more of them.

The 50 oz bag stands up and might be the most flexible of the set. At first, I wasn’t sure what I’d use it for. But as quickly as I opened my mind approximately it being more significant than just a ziplock possibility, the opportunities seemed endless. I used it for shopping for a group of fruit for a hike, cereal, and even pizza leftovers. It’s a beneficial bag!

The one disadvantage I’d say approximately those baggage is they in no manner pretty appear to experience easily. The smoothness of the silicon makes any particle that sticks to its stand out incredibly, and it’s simply something I needed to recover from.

Seal and garage

The seal on that merchandise is extraordinary. I tested each one by filling it with water, retaining a white paper towel at their tops, and shaking them. First, I might slowly tip the wrong way up, and then I could start shaking to see if any water is confirmed on the towel. Every piece in this set was achieved amazingly. I emerge as maximum surprised thru the luggage because of the truth they may be so smooth to open yet has an honestly best seal.

The most straightforward product that didn’t seal very well changed into Porter Glass. No count number how often I attempted with particular quantities of water, it might continuously leak on the mouth of the sliding lid, certainly with the resource of tipping slowly upside-down. Keep in mind that nowhere does W&P claim it should be leak-proof, nor does another wine tumbler that I private. It could have, without a doubt, inspired me if it did.


Unfortunately, the most critical catch-22 situation of the products’ layout is that they may be made from glass. While they have a layer of silicon out-of-doors, it will no longer keep the glass discipline from shattering if dropped from any sizable height. We comprehend because we tested it. At best a height of 18″, we slowly rolled an empty sealed-tight bowl off of a chair and onto the tiled floor, which shattered.

It wants to be noted that the bowl hit the center section where the glass meets the silicon layer in the location of the pure silicon spots. However, it’s sincere to mention those aren’t going to be secure from a fall off a countertop or desk no matter in which it hits.

So I wouldn’t don’t forget this to be in a bag or backpack I knew ought to see a little abuse. If you’re inside and outside public transit or around some of the kids, perhaps you would want something that could withstand falls or heavy bumps.

As for the silicon luggage, I expect these to maintain up for some time. They are manifestly extra durable than thin plastic ziplock bags. More than that, even though they’re thick and may be used for a few things that aren’t sharp.

Is The W&P Porter Bundle Worth It?

Whether W&P Porter merchandise is worth it to you is based on some topics. The price tag makes it difficult to mention these are an absolute steal. However, their aesthetic, top-notch, and performance justify the experience.

But who is this product for? Who would assume this is a special price? I assume you would love this package deal in case you are attempting to:

  • improve your cutting-edge meals storage to a better-first-class set
  • flex for your friends or co-people with something undeniably cutting-edge and elegant
  • assist reduce the amount of plastic impacting the arena, particularly with the baggage.

Even when you have amazing plastic containers, how lengthy do those ultimate? What happens when you ditch the ones for a brand new set. It’s not about reducing unmarried-use plastics but having products that don’t want changing every few years moreover goes an prolonged way.


Does W&P Offer Engraving?

Yes! W&P offers the choice to customize five in their drinkware products on the time of this evaluate, which consist of the Porter Glass. For a further $10, they’ll engrave two traces of textual content up to 13 characters on each line. They have four options: formidable, classic, script, and italic.

It does upload a similarly three organization days for customization.

Does W&P Offer Free Shipping?

Yes! W&P will offer you with unfastened transport on order above $50. Otherwise, home shipping will charge a further $5.

Does W&P Accept Returns?

Yes! W&P accepts returns as much as 30 days of you receiving the product(s). However, they do not provide returns on products that are personalised.


The simplest query left to reply is, “could I purchase once more?”

Honestly, I’d buy a whole lot of those merchandise once more. This specific bundle deal changed into a exquisite sampler of what W&P should offer. I can’t say the choice of merchandise on this bundle deal itself is proper for every person.

I encourage humans to test the person’s merchandise and the opportunity bundles and notice which may suit them.

I couldn’t get enough of the Porter bowl or luggage. I am probably looking to fill out my pantry with more of these.

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