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About Woxer

It’s no secret that girls love how guys’ boxers sense. They’re roomier, offer greater insurance, and from time to time, feel greater actual. Woxer was founded using Alexandra Fuente in Miami in 2019 to provide women with more alternatives while it got here to underwear.

The reality is that approximately guys’ underwear is made for the male anatomy. Even though they’re still rather snug for those without the components to fill them, the standard pair may be a wedgie-inducing to all the extra material. Woxers were evolved for the girl shape, designed to make ladies experience exactly in their personal pores and skin without compromising comfort.

Manufacturing its underwear in Peru, Woxer uses sustainable materials like Modal and Pima cotton to make its easy variety of boxers and bras.

About TomboyX

Like Woxer, TomboyX makes boxer briefs for the lady anatomy; only this emblem undertakes to create undies for each person. That’s why you’ll find sizes 3XS-6X in its lineup and more historically feminine patterns, such as period panties and thongs.

TomboyX was based in 2012 by companions Fran Dunaway and Naomi Gonzalez, who wanted to fill a void inside the marketplace, reconfiguring the male boxer and doing away with the excess material no longer required for the girl figure. The emblem’s boxers and undies provide a streamlined silhouette that lays flat under apparel, designed within the logo’s Seattle HQ, however, made in China.

When it comes to undies, selecting the right pair entails more than selecting a fashion that appears accurate. Modern manufacturers replicate the needs of society, and within the case of both companies, inclusivitysustainability, and consolation are at the forefront of what they do.

This Woxer vs. TomboyX overview will put those two admirable manufacturers to look at in a friendly head-to-head competition. We’ll flush out the differences and assist you in picking the only one that’s right for you.

Before we get things rolling, we’ve prepared a little list of topics you can recollect while making your final selection. You’ll discover each one underneath.

What to Consider

Product Range

You’re all set if you came here searching out boxers. Both of these brands have a delightful array of picks. TomboyX seems to have a greater selection even though, and you’ll find the whole lot from thongs to nine” Boxer Briefs in its series, together with some exceptional styles of bras.

TomboyX consists of each masculine and feminine pattern, while Woxer simplest gives the ones which might be historically masculine. Woxer’s series is more streamlined, providing only boxer briefs of various lengths, similar to 2 bras.

Target Audience

Our featured manufacturers are the most different in this class—and that may be visible in each of their product degrees. Woxer’s collection is all about boxer briefs, leaving out the more historically female undies that TomboyX makes.

During this Woxer vs. TomboyX overview, we determined that the latter logo’s undertaking is to make underclothes for everybody of all genders, sizes, ethnicities, and shapes. Woxer does one factor and does it properly, but its target audience is ladies who experience the feeling of boxers.

Design and Durability

Whether you’re looking for traditional colorings or wild prints, both businesses have you covered to some degree. Hands down, TomboyX has more laugh styles and colors. Woxer has a few cool ones, too; however, If it’s playful underwear you’re looking for, TomboyX is your man.

Woxer’s designs seem sleeker and more seamless, while TomboyX looks slightly like traditional men’s boxers. As for sturdiness, the latter brand’s undies also look to have a thicker fabric, and we’ve read reviews that neither shrink nor put on in the wash without problems.


Both of these manufacturers care approximately sustainability. For those that want to be kind to our planet in the whole thing they do (or buy), you’ll find that one organization does a little more in this regard.

Woxer chooses sustainably-sourced fabric for its boxers, even as TomboyX goes a few steps further. With this logo, you’ll find more records about its production, substances, and packaging, all pushing for extra renewable materials and much less waste.


You can locate both brands’ undies on Amazon; however, TomboyX is the greater reachable emblem in trendy. Sold in shops like Nordstrom, too, you’ve got a better hazard of finding the logo out and about than you’ll Woxer.

With that said, both deliver around the arena and are available to everybody who wants to order online. Their costs are similar. However, Woxer’s are barely lower.

Woxer vs. TomboyX Review -Everything To Know!

Woxer Baller Cosmic vs. TomboyX 6” Fly Boxer Briefs – Waverider Print Review

Men’s boxers are saggy in the crotch and often inside the legs. They’re made for guys’ bodies, so they would be, but their insurance and comfort are much more exciting than standard girls’ panties. This segment of our Woxer vs. TomboyX assessment will examine each of our featured manufacturers’ signature styles.

The Woxer Baller Cosmic lays flat and hugs curves, giving you the same type of feeling as boxers do; besides, in reality, those feel like they’re made for you—due to the fact they’re. Breathable, mild, and stretchy, this pair is crafted from sustainable modal fabric from beech timber.

They wick away moisture to keep you comfortable and clean, and the five” inseam is the right healthy for dresses and skirts but flat enough to be worn underneath the denim. With a microfiber waistband that gained’t rolls, you could forget about you even carrying underwear. Pick up a couple in S-3X for $18.

  • Made from sustainable material
  • Lightweight, breathable
  • Wicks away moisture
  • Short sufficient to be worn under skirts
  • Lays flat
  • Waistband won’t roll
  • Inclusive sizes

The TomboyX 6” Fly Boxer Briefs – Waverider Print is amusing, however masculine, adding a three-button faux-fly on the front for a conventional boxer feel. Made from tender cotton, they’re breathable, and stretchy and maintain you cool and at ease at some stage in the day.

They even feature what the emblem calls its “signature live-placed silky gentle waistband”—in different phrases, they’ll live in the region without uncomfortably digging in. You can get a couple in sizes XS-4X for $27.

  • Attractive print & fly info
  • Made from Oeko-Tex-licensed cotton
  • Inclusive sizing
  • Waistband gained’t roll
  • Convenient duration

TomboyX has the greater costly pair, however they’ve additionally were given greater detailing. We love the look of both, with Woxer’s mendacity awesome flat in opposition to the skin for an ultra-flattering appearance. Overall, TomboyX looks to be the funner choice with greater patterns and funky shades—however not everyone is into that.

Either choice is going to be light-weight and breathable, so your select may be approximately cloth safety certifications or moisture-wicking material. There’s really no incorrect preference here.

Woxer Boss Black 2.Zero vs TomboyX Racerback Soft Bra – Gone Fishing Print Review

Underwire bras can suck—no longer everybody desires their boobs driven up, but that doesn’t imply we will all pass without assist. Woxer Boss Black 2.0 is fantastic for any activity, its modal fabric wicking away moisture and supporting you live sparkling all day. It’s stretchy, provides light support, and might transition seamlessly from paintings to play.

Featured right here in flexible black, you’ll get a conventional racerback style that won’t reduce inside the wash. Get it in sizes S-3X for $32.

  • Breathable & moisture-wicking
  • Won’t cut back in the wash
  • Made from sustainable material
  • Comes in inclusive sizing

If you’d as an alternative a bra with a bit extra pizzazz, the TomboyX Racerback Soft Bra – Gone Fishing Print is right here to thrill. In a tender blue and purple design with an collection of fishies, you’ll get the equal cushty match and experience that the logo’s underwear offers thanks to the lovable features of cotton.

With a racer-again fashion, you’ll get light aid with out underwire or padding so that you can just sense like you. Feel the difference with this gentle bra in sizes XS-6X for $32.

  • Oeko-Tex licensed cotton
  • Soft and breathable
  • Inclusive sizing

One is available in black, the opposite in a print. Judging with the aid of the seems of every bra, TomboyX may be softer in phrases of its support band, this means that that Woxer can be extra supportive. The latter also has a smaller type of sizes (even though it’s still a extensive range) but additionally uses a fabric that can be better desirable for sports.

Woxer Stud Star vs TomboyX 4.Five” Trunks – Black Review

Trunks are cute and sassy, although they have the reputation of riding up. They’re loved because they provide extra coverage than a brief but are shorter than a boxer quick. Up next in this Woxer vs TomboyX review, we’ll look at the logo’s comparable trunk styles.

Woxer promises its trunks received’t experience up, staying in place all day with out slowly making their way up into wedgie territory. With a three” inseam, the Stud Star boxers are gentle and sweet, crafted from modal in a fab grey color with a black waistband.

They in shape underneath short skirts and clothes and lay flat under tight get dressed pants, the waistband mendacity quite simply too with out rolling down thru your night time. Breathable and moisture-wicking Stud Star is seamless and gained’t shrink or fade. Get. Pair in sizes S-3X for $18.

  • Made from sustainable modal
  • Non-rolling waistband
  • Seamless
  • Breathable & lightweight
  • Inclusive sizing
  • Available in different shades/styles

TomboyX four.Five” Trunks – Black have a comparable look though they’re only a tad shorter than their competitor. Featured right here in strong black, you’ll get lots of wiggle room and a smooth cotton cloth that moves with you through your day.

The stay-positioned waistband in no way rolls, and in widespread, this pair has a suave look, the black cloth towards a glittery, satin-searching waistband. With flatlock seams, those trunks received’t cause chafing, and you may get them in sizes XS-6X. Grab a pair for $25.

  • Oeko-Tex licensed cotton
  • Stay-positioned waistband
  • Flatlock seams
  • Inclusive sizing
  • Available in a ton of other colours/patterns

The largest differences between those pairs are the inseam length and substances used. They each are gentle and live in region, even though it looks like Woxer can also lay flatter underneath tight garb than TomboyX will. One is a little greater high-priced than the opposite, however that can be the Oeko-Tex certification getting into play.

Woxer vs TomboyX: Quality

How a product is made is simply as vital as why it’s made. Both Woxer and TomboyX have amazing motives for growing their merchandise, seeing the need for boxers that fit a female’s figure for comfort and authenticity.

While we applaud each corporations for the why, it’s essential that this Woxer vs TomboyX overview inspect the “how’s” and “who’s” of every to get a sense for their character tiers of high-quality. We’ll kick matters off with Woxer.

Woxer makes use of a material called Lenzing Modal for its boxers—a material crafted from sustainably harvested beechwood timber. Using much less water and strength than normal cloth like polyester and cotton, it’s also greater breathable than cotton, meaning it’s ideal for underwear, and specially ladies’s undies.

When the logo doesn’t use Lenzing Modal, it chooses Peruvian Pima cotton, a fabric that’s recognised to be the arena’s best Pima, loved for its sturdiness and softness. Hypoallergenic and absorbent, it’s a really perfect choice for undies. All of Woxer’s manufacturing is accomplished in Peru.

How about TomboyX? Starting out making its undies in a small facility in Vancouver, because of upscale production, the logo moved manufacturing to China however started up generating its swimming wear in Colombia.

If you’re at the fence about shopping for from a emblem that does business in China, it’s now not truely fair to blanket all the united states of america’s factories as unjust and crook. There are a few noticeably professional workers there and corporations that pay their employees well. Those are those this brand works with.

TomboyX has stated that it attempts to be sustainable as a lot as feasible by selecting supply chains with top exertions practices and low waste manufacturing.

Using an anti-microbial coating for its swimming gear crafted from discarded (and obviously cleansed) crab shells, the logo enables cut down on waste and pushes for a more sustainable future.

In addition to opting for sustainable materials and factories, TomboyX chose recyclable cardboard packaging and reusable and biodegradable product bags.

Is one corporation of higher great than the opposite? There appears to be extra facts approximately TomboyX on-line, but that may be because it’s been around longer.

Both deciding on to apply sustainable substances, TomboyX additionally looks to push extra for sustainability throughout its manufacturing and transport, but Woxer is virtually attempting too.

Woxer vs TomboyX: Price & Value

What you spot isn’t continually what you get, and occasionally, you get extra than meets the attention. At a look, Woxer’s and TomboyX’s intimates look good—there’s no denying that fact, and that on my own gives them cost.

But add inside the quality of substances, how they’re produced, and what the emblem is like, and value can both get higher or live the equal. Before we dive into the value of every logo, this Woxer vs TomboyX evaluation will look at fees for a few of its fine-promoting merchandise. We’ll begin with Woxer.

  • Boss (bra): $32
  • Baller: $18
  • Stud: $18

Woxer’s price comes in a few approaches, the primary would be its subscription application. Helping customers get hold of their preferred pairs on a constant foundation for a lower charge holds price (and of direction appeal). But of course, shoppers wouldn’t see value in a subscription if the products themselves weren’t really worth getting, and in keeping with customers, they simply are.

Buyers say that Woxer undies is first-ratesuits nicely, and feels outstanding on their our bodies. We didn’t run into any feedback approximately discomfort with this brand, which means it has a superb layout that works for all sizes.

And talking of sizes, their inclusive variety of S-3X is crucial inside the cost equation too, at the side of moral production and the usage of sustainable materials. Overall, what you get from Woxer for the fee is fantastic, specially thinking about subscribing individuals get 23% off.

So permit’s check out prices for some of TomboyX’s products to see how they compare. Here are some of its satisfactory-sellers:

  • Racerback Soft Bra: $27
  • 6” Boxer Briefs: $27-$34
  • Boy Shorts: $20

Now, you can have noticed that its underclothes’s expenses are about $9-$16 better than Woxers. Usually, better prices mean higher cost. We’ll take a look at what you get with a unmarried pair to peer if that’s authentic.

Just like WoxerTomboyX uses sustainable substances however manufactures its underwear in China. A u . S . That’s commonly associated with unfair hard work, the emblem assures us that the ones it partners with are run by ladies, pay their people truthful wages, and feature first rate working conditions. Production for the logo’s swimming gear is now primarily based in Colombia.

By a long way, TomboyX is the larger and better-acknowledged emblem, so it’s not sudden that as it grew, it had to discover a producer that would handle the demand.

Most of its merchandise also are licensed Standard one hundred with the aid of Oeko-Tex (for fabric protection) and this little, well, definitely big fact gives this logo high fee. When you’re handling merchandise that take a seat proper subsequent to your delicate elements, the safer the better.

Along with moral and safe production, TomboyX offers a larger style of sizes, a few underclothes ranging from 3XS-6X. This reality again builds price.

Would we are saying one emblem has extra fee than the opposite? There appears to be more information about TomboyX online and that can be as it’s the older brand. It’s had extra time to sort out what works and what doesn’t, but even with that in mind, we assume Woxer is doing an splendid job.

Woxer vs TomboyX: What Do Customers Think?

We should talk all day about what those two manufacturers appear to be from at the back of a display screen, however if we really want to recognize what a product is like, the quality area to appearance is in the remarks.

Up next, this Woxer vs TomboyX review will show you what we determined after a touch digging. We’ll begin with some scores for Woxer.

  • Woxer.Com—Baller five” Black: a mean of four.6/5 stars from 2,353 opinions
  • Amazon—Baller 5”: a median of four.6/5 stars from 814 evaluations
  • Find This Best: a mean of four.6/five stars from ninety one opinions

The scores that we observed for Woxer are all of the same. That’s a great signal that they’re real. So what do folks reflect onconsideration on the emblem in standard? After searching through evaluations and comments on line, we got here throughout a few commonplace bits of comments. Those who have offered the brand assume its underwear is:

  • Very snug and seems like wearing nothing
  • High-nice and soft
  • Durable and lengthy-lasting/ have waistbands that don’t give out

Reviews are comparable for TomboyX. Before we get into the remarks, allow’s test out its ratings:

  • TomboyX.Com—6” Fly Black: an average of five/five stars from 1,986 opinions
  • Amazon—6” Boy Shorts: an average of four.7/5 stars from 146 reviews
  • Nordstrom—9” Fly Boxer Brief: a mean of five/five stars from five reviews

As for feedback, there’s truely a community vibe approximately TomboyX, and those who purchase its underwear become part of the crew—despite the fact that we suppose this inclusive logo could accessory every person and anyone regardless. Some frequent feedback consist of:

  • Underwear is extraordinary nice
  • People love the styles/colorations
  • Material is tender and light-weight

In widespread, comments for both of the logo’s underclothes express gratitude for the way its boxers are built, healthy, and experience. Though TomboyX’s rankings are barely higher, Woxer’s are just as spectacular thinking about the organisation is simply over years vintage.

Woxer vs TomboyX: Promotions & Discounts

Discounts are one of the first-class matters about on-line buying. They’re a wonderful way to draw new sales and maximum in all likelihood, you can expect to discover as a minimum some kicking around a brand’s website. This a part of our Woxer vs TomboyX overview is devoted to offers and underneath, you’ll see what we found after combing through their web sites.

  • Subscribe to save 23% and get unfastened delivery
  • Free US transport & returns
  • Free worldwide shipping for orders over $one hundred fifty
  • Rewards Program
  • 25% off choose prints (thru Jan 7 best)
  • Student, Teacher, and Medical discount
  • Sale section
  • Free preferred shipping

Alright, so this listing is a bit backside-heavy, but it makes experience thinking about how lengthy TomboyX has been round. Based on its modern sale, most probable, this logo will also keep different annual sales. Its year-round discounts for common buyers, students, and teachers are a large draw as nicely. It seems like regardless of while you shop, there’s likely a manner to store some cash.

With that stated, usual, Woxer’s prices are lower, and if you subscribe, you’d be getting a pair of undies for half the fee of what their competitor’s cost. Free delivery and returns are offers that shouldn’t be passed up both, and we respect that this logo gives a free worldwide delivery option as well.

Woxer vs TomboyX: Shipping & Returns

You’re probable reading this Woxer vs Tomboy review due to the fact you’re interested by ordering a pair of underclothes on-line.

If that’s the case, then it’s important to get the gist of what each emblem’s transport coverage is like simply so that you understand what to expect when it’s time to hit the virtual checkout counter. We’ll do that on this part of our Woxer vs TomboyX assessment.

So what is it like to reserve from Woxer? There aren’t any poor transport evaluations we noticed on line, it looks to be clean crusing. Here are the basics of the logo’s transport coverage:

  • Ships around the sector
  • Offers transport to P.O. Boxes & military places
  • US orders are shipped without spending a dime
  • Orders over $ninety nine to Canada qualify without spending a dime delivery
  • All different orders over $a hundred and fifty are shipped totally free

Woxer also offers danger-free returns and a a hundred% Love Guarantee that promises that you’ll like your new undies or they’ll make it proper. There’s no time frame which you want to make your return by means of, you get in touch with their team any time. 

TomboyX is a piece one-of-a-kind. Its go back coverage lets in customers forty five days to determine in the event that they’d want to hold their undies. The emblem reminds folks even though that they want to strive at the underwear over different underclothes, once you placed them on with out, you may now not ship them again for obvious hygiene motives. Here’s what to expect:

  • Discreet packaging
  • International shipping
  • Ships from Nevada
  • Free US Standard delivery

As a larger logo, it makes sense that we discovered one or two critiques about sluggish or absent shipments, however there weren’t sufficient to elevate any pink flags.

Overall, those two companies seem to have dependable transport, though we recognize Woxer’s free international delivery options as well, as shipping to other countries can get expensive.

Who Will You Shop With?

We’ve reached the end of this Woxer vs TomboyX evaluate. To be honest, each of these brands have amazing products and are subsidized with the aid of outstanding people seeking to encourage exchange and unfold equality.

Though that’s proper, they’re quite special while you get into the nice information. And inspite of the truth that they each use sustainable substances and feature moral manufacturing, what fabric they use and wherein they manufacture are one-of-a-kind, and your preference may come all the way down to one among choice, no longer excellent.

So which one is the proper brand for you? Well, allow’s perform a little recap right here. Woxer is the more recent company and uses a cloth made from beechwood bushes for its underclothes referred to as Lenzing Modal. If you live within the US, you’ll get unfastened shipping and returns, in conjunction with the choice to subscribe to store money.

Woxer is the less steeply-priced brand, however its rankings are slightly decrease (even though nevertheless extremely good) than TomboyX that is a famous emblem with some more miles under its toes.

Over time, TomboyX has created a network environment around its underclothes and has a bigger selection to choose from with quite a number styles, hues, and styles.

It’s without a doubt the extra expressive logo and uses a further sustainable fabric to its competitor, Pima cotton, best, it’s Oeko-Tex certified for safety.

Around longer than WoxerTomboyX is the better-acknowledged emblem with more discounts, but in terms of exceptional, it appears to have met its healthy.

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Woxer vs. TomboyX Review -Everything To Know!

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